Interstate 35/Interstate 40 Patching, Oklahoma City, OK

Contractor: Duit Construction*

Owner/Engineer: Oklahoma Department of Transportation

1-35 and 1-40 are two major interstates in Oklahoma that connect two significant suburban areas to downtown Oklahoma City. The 1-40 section was built in 1967 and the 1-35 section was built in 1986 with plain jointed concrete pavements on asphaltic hot sand with no dowel bars.

Replacing the pavement was a priority for the Oklahoma DOT, but budget constraints required  a solution short of reconstruction.  The solution was a combination of dowel bar retrofit, replacement of shattered panels and diamond grinding.  The specification restricted lane closures to nights and weekends  and called for a fast-setting concrete mixture that allowed patched areas to open to morning rush hour in under nine hours.

Duit Construction proposed a strategy of removing existing pavement and drilling it for dowels and tie bars. With the pavement sections out, the subgrade was checked for potential undercut.  The contractor then placed temporary precast panels in place of the pavements, which then were placed and restored at night.

Duit removed long sections of pavement and place large quantities–between 300 to 600 CY–of concrete on Saturday mornings, thus allowing the concrete  to cure in time for early Monday morning openings to traffic. Maturity meters were used to determine opening times.

Use of the temporary panels during the week and pouring on the weekend, gave the concrete  36 hours to set, which reduced the overall cost.

The Oklahoma DOT was originally faced with an overrun of over $1.5 million if they had used the original strategy of repairs with fast-setting concrete mix. With Duit’s method, the DOT was able to increase the number of patches on the 6.4-mile section of I-40 and still stay on budget. Diamond grinding restored the surface, allowing a smooth ride on the repaired pavements.  The overall project cost was just under $10.6 million and  43,698 SY of concrete.  

* ACPA member.