ACPA is looking for your company’s best and most promising new or emerging leaders to participate in the Association’s Emerging Leaders Group (ELG).

If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for this leadership group, please complete (or forward) the ELG backgrounder and nomination form.  After completing the form, it can be saved, then forwarded to ACPA’s staff liaison, Eric Ferrebee.  

Ferrebee says the group  is a good way to learn about ACPA national and the chapter network while also “working on passion projects that can benefit the industry.”  The ELG currently has four working groups that are focusing on technology, marketing, work force development, and specifications.

“The social side is an important part, too,” he says. The group has done team-building, meet-ups at ACPA meetings, and other activities that give young professionals an opportunity to spend time with peers who have common interests. “It’s nice to work on specific things together, but we also have fun as a group.”

Eric encourages nominees to complete and return the form to ACPA by Monday, February 25, which will help the group as it plans its next event in mid-March.  The group is open to members and chapter representatives who are 45 years old or younger and who are eager to grow into leadership roles.  The ELG’s current chair is Robert Kish of Milestone Contractors, LP.  The group is also supported by Ben Robuck of CEMEX.