The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has named recipients of its 28th Annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavements” awards, which recognize quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada.

The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in concrete pavement projects, and serves as a way to share information about challenging and highly successful projects.  This year’s 29 awards were selected from 78 total submittals.  In all 21 contractors won awards for projects in 12 ACPA-affiliated Chapter/State areas.

Thirty-six judges representing various stakeholder groups throughout the transportation-construction community evaluate projects for the award consideration. The program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects.  The program requires projects to be completed in the calendar year prior to judging (2017). 

Please click on the award category below to view individual pages with project details and photos of projects and award recipients. If you would like to view or download additional photos, please click here to access our OneDrive folder, which contains additional photos.   


Reliever & General Aviation Airports 

(Silver Award)
 Jack Edwards National Airport Improvements, Gulf Shores, Ala.

(Gold Award) Reconstruction Project at Northwest Missouri Regional Airport, Maryville, Mo.


Commercial Service & Military Airports

(Silver Award) Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation, Pittsburgh International Airport, Findlay Township, Pa.

(Gold Award) Runway/Taxiway Reconstruction, Wayne County Airport, Romulus, Mich.


Roller Compacted Concrete (Industrial)

(Silver Award) Bayport Container Yard, Seabrook, Texas

(Gold Award) Walmart Distribution Center, Mebane, N.C.


Industrial Paving

(Gold Award) Circle Test Track Reconstruction at GM’s Milford Proving Ground, Mich.


Roller Compacted Concrete (Special Application)

(Silver Award) Crossgate Road, Port Wentworth (Savannah), Ga.

(Gold Award) Brickhaven Ash Unloading Facility, Moncure, N.C.


Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR)

(Silver Award) Douglas County Concrete Pavement Preservation Program, Highlands Ranch, Colo

(Gold Award) State Highway 52 CPR Project, Winneshiek County, Iowa


Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30,000 SY)

(Silver Award) State Route Rehabilitation Project, Curry County, N.M.

(Gold Award) I-49 & Peculiar Way Interchange Improvements, Peculiar, Mo.


Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30,000 SY) 

(Silver Award) Diagonal Highway Reconstruction, Boulder, Colo.

(Gold Award) State Highway 42, Sister Bay, Wis.


County Roads

(Silver Award) Voca Road & US 69 West, Atoka County, Okla.

(Gold Award) County Road M-56, Dickinson County, Iowa


State Roads

(Silver Award) Route AC Construction in Perry County, Perryville, Mo.

(Gold Award) US-56 Reconstruction, Gray, Kan.


Overlays, Streets and Roads

(Silver Award) Merriam Lane Reconstruction & Improvements, Wyandotte, Kan.

(Gold Award) Allamakee-B-38-Postville, Allamakee County, Iowa

Overlays, Highways

(Silver Award) State Highway 51, Blaine County, Canton, Okla. 

(Gold Award) State Highway 13 Resurfacing Project, Moffat County, Colo.


Urban Arterials and Collectors

(Silver Award) New York Gateway Connections Improvement Project – U.S. Peace Bridge Plaza, Buffalo, N.Y.

(Gold Award) State Highway 119 Reconstruction, Longmont, Colo.


Divided Highways (Rural)

(Silver Award) Wood County I-75 Reconstruction, Perrysburg, Ohio

(Gold Award) South Lawrence Trafficway (K-10), Douglas, Kan.


Divided Highways (Urban)

(Silver Award) I-25, Lincoln Avenue to County Line Road, Douglas County, Colo.

(Gold Award) Grand Parkway Project, Houston, Texas