The formative meeting of FHWA’s Concrete Pavement and Materials Technical Feedback Group was held near Dallas last week.

The meeting provided stakeholders with an opportunity to discuss technical issues across the broad spectrum of concrete pavement and materials within the federal highway program, including design, construction, repair and rehabilitation.

The meeting included an update on FHWA offices and their roles, current FHWA feedback and working groups, and an overview of FHWA’s concrete program. The primary purpose of the group is to identify topics related to concrete pavements and materials of interest to states and industry. The Technical Feedback Group will then refer these topics to the FHWA for consideration in their future programs.

The group discussed various high priority topic areas for FHWA, including concrete pavement rehabilitation strategies; rapid repair strategies, including early opening strength; and performance engineered mixtures.

The discussion also involved composite pavements, including concrete overlays and resilient pavement “hardening” solutions.

Participants discussed construction inspection training, concrete pavement design issues, including AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design, and quality assurance provisions to mitigate 28-day strength requirements. Participants also spent some time reviewing underused technologies, including maturity, real time smoothness, fibers and the MIT SCAN-T3 nondestructive pavement thickness test method.

In all, 21 representatives of the FHWA, industry, state transportation agencies, and academia participated in the inaugural meeting. Eleven state departments of transportation were represented. Leif Wathne of ACPA and Greg Halstead of PCA represented industry.