Gold Award – CSX Intermodal Terminals – Winterhaven, FL

Contractor: McCarthy Improvement Company*

Owner: CSX Intermodal Facilities

Engineer: CSX Intermodal Facilities

Only three years after initial construction, the Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Facility near Winterhaven, Fla., had outgrown its originally design capacity of 300,000 containers per year.  An expansion project included construction of additional gantry cranes, high mast lighting and more than 13 acres of additional tractor trailer parking, loading and unloading areas.

McCarthy Improvement Company was contracted to perform the concrete paving, which totaled 67,000 SY of concrete.  The project specifications required a mix capable of attaining a compressive strength of 4,000 psi at 28 days. McCarthy developed a mixture that met the required strength in less than seven days, which helped expedite cure of adjacent paving lanes. The mix design included Type II portland cement, natural sand and granite coarse aggregates. Even though the granite was not locally available, McCarthy chose to “rail-in” granite aggregates from eastern Georgia and use them to improve early strength. 

MCI completed the paving in 23 days of the 74 calendar days allowed from mobilization to the plant site.  The owner previously had issues with roller compacted concrete and asphalt, so the finished project now stands as an excellent example of the versatility and durability of concrete pavements.

* ACPA member.