CSX Intermodal Terminals, Bedford Park, IL
Contractor:         K-Five Construction Corporation
Owner:                 CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.
Engineer:             Tigerbrain Engineering, Inc.

This project on involved the reconstruction of a craneway and trailer dolly pad, but it required a change in the original design, which was a 7 ft-wide structure reinforced with a double mat of steel and featuring 17 in.-thick crane pads.

The new design called for wider, thicker pads to handle the 100,000 lb. point loads of the wheeled gantry cranes, which are used to offload double-stacked intermodal train cars. 

K-Five was challenged to build the replacement pads while operations at this busy terminal continued.  This included trains on a 12 rail spurs being loaded and unloaded continuously, with cranes operating just opposite of the construction zone.

The new pads were much wider and thicker than the original structure. The finished pads measure 25.5 ft wide and 22.5 in. thick, with a single mat of reinforcement.  The concrete pavement was built on a 12 in., cement-stabilized subgrade and an 8 in. layer of cement-modified, dense-grade aggregate, giving the pads a total structural thickness of 42.5 in.

In all, the project involved 18,000 SY of paving, with the finished pads measuring the equivalent of 2 lane miles. Because the project was completed in a live intermodal facility, phased construction was required to create only minimal impacts to the pace of the railway operations within the terminal.

The project was also on an accelerated schedule, so although speed of construction was important, so too, was careful planning and execution.  The contractor’s attention resulted in an exacting schedule that allowed paving materials to cure and reach desired strength during times that were less critical to the terminal operations.  This remarkable project was so well managed that only 80% of the allotted schedule was used.