ACPA has added Instagram® to the list of available digital communications resources.   Instagram is a mobile device application where people share stories through photographs and infographics and short descriptions.  

Instagram is a quick way of sharing information in real time with a growing universe of followers.  Instagram was launched for Apple devices in 2010, and added Android capabilities in 2012.   ACPA first tried the technology during the 53rd annual meeting in December, and based on the large number of responses, has been posting photos and short descriptions since then.

A number of ACPA members also are on Instagram now, which makes the app a popular way to share photos and information that reflect association activities, while also sharing images posted by member companies as well. 

For those interested in Instagram, the mobile app is available through the Apple App Store (for IOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).   Current users can find ACPA at: #Concrete_Pavement_Association/

Other digital resources ACPA commonly uses include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube/Google Videos.