The Village of Kimberly, WI, has been named the 2018 recipient of the Harold J. Halm Presidential Award.     

ACPA recognized the Village for achieving the remarkable milestone of 100% concrete roads. 

This achievement reflects the Village administration’s long-standing policy to build streets and roads to last, and to pass along these benefits to the taxpayers through quality pavements, lower street maintenance costs and a better quality of life through other village services.

“This policy represents a very responsible approach to governing the Village’s infrastructure, finances and an ideal to which large and small cities across the United States can look to as a positive example of how to be a responsible steward of the public’s resources and trust,” said ACPA President & CEO Gerald F. Voigt, P.E.

“It is particularly fitting that this award be presented during this, the year in which the Village achieved 100 percent concrete pavement streets,” Voigt said, adding, “This is a remarkable milestone of national significance to the concrete pavement industry.”

This is only the 13th time the award has been presented since 1994.