Concrete pavements were in focus during recent meetings at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CS Hub).  ACPA Chairman Jim Mack, 2nd Vice Chairman David Howard, Leif Wathne of ACPA and Todd LaTorella of the Missouri/Kansas Chapter-ACPA, participated in the meetings, which included an industry advisory council (IAC) session and a technical advisory group (TAG) meeting. 

ACPA has in recent years increased its involvement in the MIT CS Hub TAG meetings and also joined the IAC this fall.    

Much of the pavement related discussion revolved around ways to better communicate the work CS Hub has been doing in recent years and leverage it into effective and impactful marketing and promotion messaging. The CS Hub has developed a variety of useful resources related to the value of inter-industry competition, improved LCCA tools, enhanced pavement management strategies and the importance of accounting for pavement-vehicle interaction (such as smoothness and stiffness) and albedo when assessing life cycle GHG emissions associated with pavements. 

The CS Hub also has developed tools to address the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, via crowdsourcing road performance data through applications such as MIT’s CARBIN app. A formidable challenge is to take all these resources and information and tailor them to each region/market segment in the US, as needs and priorities vary greatly. A part of ACPA’s promotion plan will focus on sustainability, including information from the CS Hub.