As part of ACPA’s ongoing “Concrete Competes” program, ACPA and the Ohio Chapter-ACPA held a meeting recently with Ohio DOT Director, Dr. Jack Marchbanks, and his key leadership staff from pavement engineering and construction.

The discussion focused on the advantages to Ohio DOT and taxpayers of competition between paving industries in Ohio. Remarks by industry also underscored how both quality and innovation improve with increased competition between paving industries. ACPA also highlighted a wealth of technical training and resources on behalf of the association, the chapter, and ACPA technology partners.

The concrete pavement industry was represented at the meeting by ACPA member contractors Golden Triangle Construction (Chuck Niederriter), Complete General Contractors (Whit Wardell), Great Lakes Construction (George Palko), and Kokosing Construction (Steve Prosek). Also representing the industry were ACPA staff (Leif Wathne) and staff of the Ohio Concrete Association and OCA (Greg Colvin, Mark Pardi, Joel Riter, and Tom Norris).