Along with our local network of Chapter/State Associations, the concrete pavement industry is supported by our technology partners:

The National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (National CP Tech Center) at Iowa State University is a national hub for concrete pavement research and technology transfer. The Center was founded in 2000 and has been instrumental in developing and helping to advance the nation’s strategic plan for concrete pavement research, The CP Road Map.
The IGGA/ACPA Concrete Pavement Preservation Partnership is the sole representative of the grooving, grinding and CPP/CPR industry. From specification and policy development to marketing and promotion, we cover the entire spectrum of issues germane to companies involved in this marketplace.

The Innovative Pavement Research Foundation’s mission is to provide a unified means of building resources, developing strategies, and implementing programs to address concrete pavement research, technology advancement and transfer, and public education on the inherent economic efficiency, safety, and quality-of-life advantages of portland cement concrete pavements for highways, streets, roads, and airports.

The RCC Pavement Council’s aim is to ensure the industry is provided the most authoritative information on roller compacted concrete (RCC) pavements. Council members include RCC pavement contractors, equipment suppliers, materials suppliers, engineers, and others involved with and interested in the RCC technology.  Founded in 2014, the Council is comprised of a Board, Research Committee and a Promotion Committee. The Council collaborates closely with industry partners including the American Concrete Pavement Association,  Portland Cement Association, and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.