Western Avenue Corridor Improvements (Bendix Dr. to Olive St.) South Bend, IN. 
Contractor: Selge Construction Co., Inc.
Owner: City of South Bend, Department of Public Works
Engineer: Abonmarche Consultants, Inc.

Concrete was once again the pavement of choice in the ongoing efforts to improve urban aesthetics and restore neighborhoods, while also providing a longer service life of arterial routes into downtown South Bend. This project constitutes a segment of a multi-phase corridor improvement on Western Avenue, and it runs approximately 2500 lineal ft. from Bendix Drive to Olive Street.

The project scope included reconstruction of the existing pavement and redesign of traffic flow patterns to include designated turn lane; permeable parking spaces; and a mix of full-depth concrete and a thin concrete overlay. The project also included placement of new underground utilities, storm/sanitary separation, and construction of new sidewalks and curbs, and the addition of updated street lighting.

The contractor, Selge Construction, placed 10-in. of full-depth pavement was placed where new underground utility work was performed, as well as a 4 in. concrete overlay over existing asphalt pavement. In all, the project consisted of 3,800 SY of 10 in. full depth concrete, and 4,300 SY of 4 in. concrete overlay, and 727 SY of 6 in. concretes. The project also included 2,500 SY of 4 in. sidewalks; 2,653 lineal ft of 6 in. and 8 in. curb; 1,300 lineal ft of ribbon curb; and 1,050 SY of permeable pavers in the designated parking lanes.

Traffic was maintained in one direction throughout the entire project, thus minimizing the impact on local business.

The Western Avenue Corridor has endured several economic upturns and downturns, but the area is now experiencing a resurgence of neighborhood pride and ethnic diversity. This and other corridor updates are well served by concrete pavement because it provides a longer service life, improved night-time visibility, and a reduced urban heat island effect. The concrete roadway will require little to no maintenance, which reduces the city’s cost of ownership.

The vibrancy of the neighborhood can be seen in the murals painted on buildings and the colorful storefronts. The central character in the renewal is the long-lasting concrete, which will provide many years of service to the residents and visitors to this area.