Gold Award – Roller Compacted Concrete Streets, Roseville, CA

Contractor: FBD Vanguard Construction Inc.*

Owner:  City of Roseville, Calif.   

Engineer: Bennett Engineering

The City of Roseville’s RCC Pilot Project involved reconstruction of several lane miles of existing asphalt pavement road with RCC in multiple locations.

Three diverse roads were chosen for the pilot project. Washington Boulevard is a five-lane arterial; Atkinson Street is a two -lane collector road; and Hickory Street is a residential street.

In addition to reduced lifetime maintenance costs, the first costs for the pavement on this project came in about 10% lower than expected for a comparable asphalt pavement.  The use of RCC is a relatively uncommon in Northern California, but officials decided to consider it for a pilot project.   In all, 60,000 SY of RCC was used.

Multiple factors posed scheduling challenges to this project. The largest challenge centered around completing the RCC pavement construction in a short working period.  With the aim of not disrupting a local school’s operations, summer break (June to mid-August) was determined to be the best time to complete the work.

Other traffic concerns centered around the need for weekend access to the region’s historic Denio’s Farmer Market. This combination market/swap meet is popular in the community, and the operators are known for their continued service, rain or shine.

The schedule gave the contractor less than seven days to pave and achieve maturity opening strength in both directions.  Paving started the day after the market closed and re-opened the day before the next market. The construction was such a success that Denio’s Market hosted an RCC tour at their facility for other agencies, engineers, and developers to come see first-hand the RCC paving process and finished product.

* ACPA member.