Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Contractor: Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc.
Owner: City of Lee’s Summit
Engineer: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly

This is a story about the reconstruction of Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport, but it’s also about much more. It’s about the importance of the airport to travelers and existing businesses, as well the airport’s value in attracting and retaining news businesses.

The project consisted of the complete reconstruction and extension of runway 18/36 from 4,200 linear ft to 5,501 linear ft, as well as the extension of runway 11/29 from 3,800 linear ft to 4,000 linear ft. In addition to increasing the overall runway length, the airport also elected to replace airfield lighting as well as increase the pavement thickness from 6 in. to 9 in., which increased capacity from a 30,000 lb. rating to a 60,000 lb. rating.

The contractor, Emery Sapp & Sons was scheduled to start this work at the beginning of April, but spring rains delayed the start. When the contractor was cleared to start, the crews worked around the clock to meet the aggressive completion timeline. Even though the rains persisted, the contractor still opened the runway within the 21-day requirement.

The second was the construction of the North and South portions of Runway 18/36 which was to be completed within a 182-day closure of Runway 18/36. The contractor completed the second phase in under 70 days, which allowed ample time for all remaining work to be completed prior to reopening the

In all, the contractor paved 72,375 SY of concrete paving for a total project length of just over a mile or the equivalent of about 4 lane miles, and now the City and the region can boast of an airport that can meet the current and long-term needs of travelers and businesses alike.