US 160/US 550 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation
Contractor:  ACME Concrete Paving, Inc.   
Owner:  Colorado DOT
Engineer:  Colorado DOT, Region 5 Durango Residency

The Colorado DOT used a cost-effective strategy to rehabilitate a busy highway, and despite challenges, was able to complete the project ahead of a very busy tourism season. 

The project involved work on the concrete surface and shoulder on a 27-year-old section of US Highway 160/660 through the City of Durango.  The $6 million project had a few challenges, including two change orders that pushed the project completion date out two months. The project involved adding ADA ramps to 15 corners, unexpected bridge deck rehab, and additional manhole and valve-box adjustments.

The contractor also diamond-ground close to 150,600 SY of pavement and completed joint/crack resealing on existing pavement.

Overall, the contractor improved the roadway smoothness, restored skid resistance, prolonged the life of the original pavement, and enhanced the safety of the highway. In addition to replacing and patching damaged concrete pavement, the contractor also removed conflicting stripe shadows, installed new pavement markings with bike lanes, and installed bike friendly inlet gates.  

One of the greatest benefits of the project was that it was a more cost-efficient alternative to an estimated $40 million to $60 million that complete reconstruction would have cost. Concrete batching was allowed only during daytime hours because of local ordinances, but ACME Concrete Paving was allowed to work day and night for six days per week to complete the work on time. This schedule also allowed the contractor to avoid the local lane closure restriction, which in turn, allowed crews to work large sections with minimal traffic impact.

As a result of the efforts of the project team, the business owners, residents, and traveler in this area have are now driving on a 27-year-old pavement that has now has an additional 15 to 20 years of life added to it.