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Weather Channel Spotlights Pavement Resilience Remarks by Jim Mack

In an interview on the Weather Channel last Friday, Jim Mack presented some balanced perspectives on pavement resilience. Jim is Director of Market Development at CEMEX* and past Chairman of the ACPA Board.

“For the most part, both asphalt and concrete roadways can be made more resilient and flood resistant,” he tells host Weather Underground Mark Elliott and other staff meteorologists.

“But concrete, just by its very nature, is a little bit more naturally flood resistant just by the stiffness of the system,” he continues.

Jim describes two types of flooding damage. “Washout is where running water comes along and washes out the ground,” he says, adding that both rigid and flexible pavements are both susceptible to this damage.

He also describes inundation as “the silent killer,” adding that this is where rising waters, as are often seen in aerial views, soak the base and the ground under the pavement.

“This can lead to the long-term deterioration of a pavement that’s not as stiff as other pavements, such as concrete,” he says.

The almost 3-1/2 minute interview included other facts and examples, as well as video footage of flooded pavements. Click here to see the complete interview.

 * An ACPA member.

Workshop Focuses on Highway Materials Quality

Approximately 370 representatives from the transportation departments of the seven-state Mid-Atlantic region attended the annual The Mid-Atlantic Quality Assurance Workshop (QAW) in Williamsburg, VA, last week, according to Ray Seipp, President of the ACPA Mid-Atlantic Chapter.

Jim Mack, Director of Infrastructure – Market Development at CEMEX (and 2019 Chairman of the ACPA Board of Directors) presented a program on concrete pavement resiliency.

The QAW is a three-day workshop held every year since 1967. The event is dedicated to highway materials and quality control/assurance of highway materials. 

The workshop includes two main sessions covering a wide range of highway topics as well as five all day breakout sessions, devoted to the latest information on highway materials in the areas of asphalt, concrete, metals, maintenance, soils and aggregates. 

Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia make up the Mid-Atlantic QAW area. The next QAW is scheduled for February 21 in New Jersey.

ACPA Leads Concrete Pavement Workshop

For the third consecutive year, ACPA conducted training workshops for DOT officials and contractors in Florida.

Working closely with Amy Wedel and Roger Schmitt of the Florida Chapter-ACPA, Eric Ferrebee and Mark Snyder conducted training in Davie and Orlando, FL.

Training this year concentrated on pavement design (using AASHTOWare’s Pavement ME) and construction practices. Training last year and in 2017 focused on concrete pavement jointing.
Audience groups were comprised of just Florida DOT representatives and contractors. ACPA Chairman Jim Mack (CEMEX) and ACPA member John Eisenhower (Guntert & Zimmerman) were also on hand to lend support. Chairman Mack also brought three industry professionals from Sweden.

The workshop also featured a panel discussion titled “From the Office to the Field – Lessons Learned from US 17.” The discussion centered on a project by Ajax Paving Industries, Inc., an ACPA member. Discussing the project were to Florida DOT officials, who were joined by an Ajax company official in Davie.

Pavement design topics included: a history and background of M-E pavement design, jointed plain concrete pavement design, sensitivity analyses for critical inputs and engineering solutions, hands on Pavement M-E training, and additional design considerations. Construction topics included best practices for constructing smooth, durable concrete pavements; troubleshooting field problems and constructability issues, and traffic management.
Photo caption: Participants discuss concrete pavement example problems (foreground) as Jim Mack and Eric Ferrebee respond to questions and comments (upper right).

Emerging Leaders Group Sharpens Focus

The ACPA Emerging Leaders Group (ELG), including two new members, met last month at The Center/Heritage Group in Indianapolis. 

ACPA Chairman Jim Mack and Ben Robuck (both of CEMEX) were on hand to support the group. Steve Friess, ACPA Treasurer and contractor member with Milestone Contractors LP, provided an ACPA board update and explained the board’s hopes for the ELG. The meeting was once again facilitated by Regina Feltman of Updraft Consulting.

A key focus of the meeting was to advance the agendas of the working groups, which were started last year to focus on Technology, Specifications, Workforce Development, and Marketing.  The working groups at this meeting focused on SMART goals, which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based.  As they created SMART goals, the group also completed a stakeholder mapping activity to identify who holds power and who influences that power in organizations. The stakeholder mapping process was also used to help inform the steps of each group’s goals.

The group also participated in a storytelling exercise in which Regina explained how to frame a compelling story.  This included ideas on how to use storytelling to enhance presentations and informal discussions of ideas. Another session focused on identifying and using different tactics for influencing people’s actions. The ELG also discussed other ideas, including ways to make the ACPA awards banquet more engaging and interesting. 

Following the first day’s meeting, the group visited Speedway Indoor Karting for indoor kart races, followed by a group dinner at Big Woods. During dinner the group participated in an ‘fun facts’ excercise where ELG members heard two fun facts and had to guess which group member the facts were about.

The ELG is planning its next meeting during the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting in June.  The working groups will continue to work on projects and will propose ideas to the ACPA Board. 

Mack Named 2019 ACPA Chairman

James W. “Jim” Mack, Director of Market Development-Commercial Strategy for CEMEX has been named  the 56th Chairman of the ACPA Board of Directors.  

He assumed the role with the traditional gavel passing ceremony last Thursday at the closing awards dinner at the ACPA annual meeting.  Chuck Niederriter, 2018 Chairman (and Chief Operating Officer of Golden Triangle Construction Co.) said Jim is the first Chairman in the history of ACPA to have served with a cement company, a regional shipper’s group, an ACPA-affiliated Chapter, ACPA National, and PCA.

“The combination of his work experiences, business sense, and his technical prowess give him some unique perspectives on the industry,” Chairman Niederriter says, adding, “But even more than that, Jim has a well-deserved reputation as being a staunch and tireless advocate for concrete pavements.” 

Jim thanked Chuck for his service as 2018 Chairman and described his two major objectives as 2019 Chairman.  

“The first is the implementation of the industry pavement promotion plan,” he said, adding, “The second item I want to focus on is the continuation of the ConcreteCOMPETES initiative started by Chairman Niederriter.”  The initiative is about aligning resources at the national level to scale up pavement promotion and to support the local promotion network, he says.

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