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ACPA Names Lifetime Pavement Award Recipients

Two exceptional concrete pavements have been recognized with ACPA’s Lifetime Pavement Award.

The City of Boulder, CO, was recognized with an award for a four-block section of Mapleton Avenue, a location of great importance to a vibrant city. Built in 1927, and with minimal maintenance since, the concrete pavement stands as an exceptional and durable example of concrete put to the test.

This historic section of pavement has contributed to economic development, including mining camps, the discovery of gold, and the growth of the University of Colorado.

Also recognized with an ACPA Pavement Longevity Award is Woodland Blvd. in DeLand, Fla. Presented to the Florida DOT, District 5, the concrete pavement designated as US 17/92 and Woodland Boulevard, extends the entire north-south length of the city.  The concrete is in excellent condition as it approaches eight decades of service. 

Built in 1939 and dedicated in 1940, the jointed-reinforced concrete pavement serves Stetson University and Florida DOT’s District 5 Headquarters, along with many other businesses in the city. This storied pavement plays an important role in the community, as the site of many parades and civic celebrations.

SPS Resource Center: Worth a Look

What started as a web page to inform the concrete pavement community about a series of tech transfer events held earlier this year has evolved to a comprehensive resource center, thanks to the efforts of Larry Scofield, ACPA Chapter Executives, subject matter experts, and ACPA staff.

The resource center documents concrete pavement sections in six states that are part of the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Strategic Study of Structural Factors for Rigid Pavements, also known as the SPS-2 study.

One of the highlights of the page is a link that allows visitors to take a virtual tour of SPS-2 sections in Kansas, thanks to the efforts of Rick Miller of the Kansas DOT.  The video player has some robust features that allow a thorough study (and data capture) of the Kansas SPS-2 sites.

The resource center also includes overview information and links to background information about the SPS-2 study; links to presentations about the pavements featured in the SPS-2 Tech Day programs; and field layouts for each of the showcased sections.  Larry reports the sections range in age from 18 to 26 years old, and adds that plans are in the works to pursue a seventh SPS-2 site soon.  Click here to see the SPS-2 Resource Center!

Ungerman, Colorado Governor Discuss Concrete Pavements

Gary Ungerman, Manager of Business Development/Principal, Castle Rock Construction Co., LLC., along with other concrete industry officials met recently with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D).  

Representing the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter-ACPA, Ungerman was joined by representatives of the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Portland Cement Association, Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, and American Concrete Pipe Association.

“We discussed the proposed deGary Ungerman-John Hickenloopervelopment of a hospital provider fee enterprise, supported by the Governor, which could yield extra money for transportation construction spending,” he said.

The group also discussed proposed ballot initiative to introduce a sales tax to fund transportation, an initiative advanced by a transportation funding advocacy group and several construction associations in the state.   The governor expressed his support for the initiative, which was set for the November elections, but it has since been withdrawn in part because of the “avalanche of proposals being considered for this cycle,” said Tony Milo, Executive Director of the Colorado Contractors Association.  He added the coalition is planning to develop a modified measure for 2018.

“We also discussed how the large-scale public/private partnership projects are greatly appreciated; however, they benefit one contractor, not necessarily the industry,” Ungerman said, adding, “This led into a discussion about competition between asphalt and concrete creating a better value for taxpayers.” “We pointed out that CDOT had let an alternate bid in a predominantly asphalt region in Craig, Colo.,” Ungerman said, adding, “We emphasized that concrete had taken this bid. The governor reacted to this with surprise, noting that he thought asphalt pavement was driven predominantly by oil prices.”

The American Concrete Pipe Association was present, and their representative pointed out that reinforced concrete pipe for this region is predominately produced in Colorado, whereas PVC pipe is typically imported, therefore having a negative impact on taxes and jobs.

“The governor said he loves concrete, and if it were totally up to him all roads would be concrete,” Ungerman added.

Open House to Highlight Durability of Thin Concrete Overlays

Placed in 1996, this test section helped set the Colorado DOT's current thin concrete overlay standards.

Placed in 1996, this test section helped set the Colorado DOT’s current thin concrete overlay standards.

The Colorado/Wyoming Chapter is hosting an open house on Monday, June 6th.   The event will allow visitors to review a 20-year-old test section, which helped set the Colorado DOT’s current thin concrete overlay standards.

The open house will be held from 10:30 a.m. to Noon (MDT) at Hwy 119 and Zlaten Drive in Longmont, Colo.  Attendance is free of charge, but guests are asked to register online by following this link.  

Parking will be available on Hwy 119 or parking lots in the area.   Attendees are asked to bring a safety vest.  In addition to the opportunity to see this important test section, there will be a drawing for a $50 gift card toward the end of the event.

About the Project

This project originally evaluated multiple different thicknesses from 4.5 inches to 6.0 inches, along with multiple jointing plans. The road will be completely closed, which will allow access to this research test site.   In 2002, Highway 119 was carrying approximately 20,000 AADT and 8% trucks.


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