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Web Resource Chronicles CP Road Map Impacts

The CP Road Map (or Long-Term Plan for Concrete Pavement Research and Technology) concluded in 2019, but its impact on concrete pavement research and technology transfer has been substantial, according to the CP Tech Center in its April-May “Resources” newsletter.

The Center has developed a website that captures the history of the CP Road Map, which was formally introduced in 2001 as a collaborative effort among the FHWA, ACPA (and its Innovative Pavement Research Foundation), CP Tech Center (formerly the Iowa State University’s Center for Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Technology). Over time, the initiative expanded in recognition that no single organization was large enough or well-resourced enough to pursue research & technology (R&T) needs alone. Federal, state and local agencies, industry and academia collaborated and contributed funding to what the large scale initiative.

The CP Tech Center has created a well-organized and comprehensive web-based resource center that captures the background, history, accomplishments, and research tracks that became the CP Road Map. A section called “So what now?” describes ongoing activities aimed at contributing further to concrete pavement R&T. Click here to explore the information, photos and other resources.

Overlay Webinars Continue

The final three sessions of the CP Tech Center’s concrete overlay series continued on the next three Tuesdays.

The one-hour webinars begin at Noon (CDT) / 1 p.m. (EDT) and include technical presentations and local examples of successful overlay projects.

The topics and dates for the next three webinars are:

  • Overlay Design Considerations – April 21st
  • Plans, Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) and Construction – April 28th
  • Maintenance and Repairs of Overlays – May 5th

Registration is free of charge and participants will receive PDF copies of presentations and a video link for the recorded webinar. Click here to register.

Overlay Webinar a Great Success

With the goal of providing education & training during these challenging times, ACPA, the CP Tech Center and the ACPA affiliated chapters mobilized to present the first in a five-part series on concrete pavement overlays.

The combined effort resulted in 492 participants in the hour long presentation yesterday. The CP TEch Center provided the content and presented the webinar, ACPA provided marketing support, and the Chapters provided contacts and helped boost the participation among agencies, consultants and members. Scott Mueller, Chrissy Mysko and Andy Gieraltowski, used an innovative web-based system to customize messaging and invitations and worked with closely with the chapters to drive demand and assure seamless registration and delivery.

The next webinar in the series is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14. Details will be announced shortly, Scott says. 

On a parellel path, Eric Ferebee, Andy and Chrissy are working to post past ACPA webinars on the web. The full catalog of offerings, organized by major topics, will be available free of charge. Details will be announced by email  and featured in ACPA TODAY.

New Resources Address Bridge Deck Cracking

New resources from the CP Tech Center take aim at the issue of bridge deck cracking, as reported in the spring issue of the NC² News, the consortium’s quarterly newsletter.

One resource is the new NC² Moving Advancements into Practice (MAP) Brief,”Extended-Life Concrete Bridge Decks Utilizing Internal Curing to Reduce Cracking—Results from Ohio DOT Field Trial,” is now available from the NC² Resource Library.

The 8-page brief includes a brief introduction, which details common causes and contributing factors. The publication also includes a section on internal curing, concrete mixtures and placement considerations. Additionally, the publication includes sections on performance monitoring, predicting service life, life-cycle cost analysis, and Ohio’s plans to use lightweight fine aggregates and specialized mixture designs to mitigate cracking.

In addition to the MAP brief, the CP Tech Center is drawing attention to resources covering bridge deck construction and related issues. To access the information, click here. When the web page appears, look for the search field and enter “bridge deck” to see recent resources.

The CP Tech Center is also encouraging engineers and other professionals to check out recent questions, included one added by the WV DOT, in the NC² States’ Q&A Listserv.  The Listserv allows member states of the TTCC Pooled Fund to poll other member states regarding specifications, materials, construction, research, or other concrete paving issues. 

NHI Announces Concrete Pavement Preservation Courses

For a limited time, the National Highway Institute (NHI) is offering a free, five-part distance learning program, “Constructing Quality PCC Pavement Preservation Treatments.” The comprehensive program was developed under the auspices of the NHI through a cooperative agreement between the FHWA and the CP Tech Center. 

ACPA and IGGA were instrumental in providing content for the courses, and we invested significant time and resources, providing information, images, and other support for the project. The online courses include the following topics:

  • How to Construct Durable Full-Depth Repairs in Concrete Pavements (FHWA-NHI-134207A)
  • How to Construct Durable Partial-Depth Repairs in Concrete Pavements (FHWA-NHI-134207B)
  • Proper Diamond Grinding Techniques for Pavement Preservation (FHWA-NHI-134207C)
  • Proper Construction Techniques for Dowel Bar Retrofit (DBR) and Cross-Stitching (FHWA-NHI-134207D)
  • Proper Joint Sealing Techniques for Pavement Preservation (FHWA-NHI-134207E)

The program provides a total of 13.5 hours of online learning of pavement preservation methods and technologies. Courses are also available in English and Spanish. Click here to view the course selection and register. 

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