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ACPA Announces Excellence Award Recipients

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has named recipients of its 30th Annual “Excellence in Concrete Pavements” awards, which recognize quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada.  The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship, quality and creativity in constructing,   rehabilitating and restoring concrete pavement projects.  

The award-winning projects were paved by 23 different contractors.  Projects are located in 15 ACPA areas represented by ACPA-affiliated Chapters and State paving associations.  Winners were determined by 41 professionals who devoted their time and expertise to serve as judges.   

The program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects.   Please click on links below for more information and photo of the award recipients.  To see all the award photos (recipients and projects, please click here).

The 2019 award recipients are:

Silver Commercial Service & Military Airports The Lane Construction Corporation
Gold Commercial Service & Military Airports Ideker, Inc.
Silver Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Gold Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR) Duit Construction Co., Inc.
Silver County Roads Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Gold County Roads Interstate Highway Construction, Inc.
Silver Divided Highways (Rural) Golden Triangle Construction Company
Gold Divided Highways (Rural) Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Silver Divided Highways (Urban) Koss Construction Company
Gold Divided Highways (Urban) Archer Western Construction, LLC
Gold Industrial Paving McCarthy Improvement Company
Silver Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY) Complete Concrete, Inc.
Gold Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY) Ptaschinski Construction Company
Silver Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY) Prus Construction
Gold Municipal Streets & Intersections (>30k SY) Castle Rock Construction Company
Gold Overlays (Airports) Hi-Way Paving, Inc.
Silver Overlays (Highways) Croell Inc.
Gold Overlays (Highways) E&B Paving, Inc.
Gold Overlays (Streets and Roads) Milestone Contractors
Silver RCC (Industrial) AG Peltz Group, LLC
Gold RCC (Industrial) Morgan Corp.
Silver RCC (Special Application) Andale Construction, Inc.
Gold RCC (Special Application) FBD Vanguard Construction, Inc.
Silver Reliever & General Aviation Airports E&B Paving, Inc.
Gold Reliever & General Aviation Airports Cedar Valley Corp., LLC
Silver State Roads Primco, Inc.
Gold State Roads Emery Sapp & Sons


TRIP Report Focuses on Freight Transportation Issues

The Road Information Program (TRIP) today released a report called America’s Rolling Warehouses: Opportunities and Challenges with the Nation’s Freight Delivery System.” 

The report examines the ability of the nation’s freight transportation system to accommodate the growing demand for freight movement efficiently and safely in spite of significant issues. Some of the top issues include inadequate transportation capacity, a lack of funding for needed improvements to the freight network, a shortage of drivers, and consumer demands for faster delivery.

The report ranks the states with the greatest amount of freight shipped to or from sites in their state, states with the highest share of Interstate vehicle miles of travel by combination trucks, states with the largest average annual number of large truck fatalities, and states with the largest projected increase in freight movement between 2016 and 2045.

TRIP’s report also identifies the nation’s 20 worst freight highway bottlenecks and concludes with a series of recommendations to improve the nation’s freight transportation system.  TRIP released the report this morning and is supporting the public affairs initiative with national and state media work. Click here to download a copy.

TRIP Executive Director Will Wilkins will be addressing this and other issues at ACPA’s upcoming 56th Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for December 3 through 5, in New Orleans. TRIP is a national transportation research nonprofit, based in Washington, DC.  

Conference Focuses on Highway and Airport Pavements

ACPA participated in the 2019 International Airfield and Highway Pavements Conference in Chicago this week.

Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI), included a presentation by Jerry Voigt on ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative. The presentation provides a long-term view of technology-driven changes anticipated in the next 20 years, as well as projections on how the concrete pavement industry will both adapt to and drive innovation. 

Eric Ferrebee presented on concrete pavement preservation and rehabilitation techniques and also did a poster presentation on PavementDesigner.org, the cement & concrete industry’s pavement thickness design platform.  Eric also participated in the highway- and airfield-pavements committee meetings.

Two pre-conference workshops were held on Sunday. Peter Taylor and Gordon Smith from the CP Tech Center were among presenters in the PEM workshop. The second workshop, led by Jeffrey Gagnon of the FAA, covered the agency’s pavement evaluation software. 

TDI supports the advancement of integrated transportation and development that is safe, secure, and sustainable. 

Update: A Game Changing Roadway Plan

Editor’s note:  Since our story last week about proposal on Autonomous Truck Corridors, we’ve learned of some new additional information on the topic.  A two-page flyer explains the ATC concept and its benefits. Please click here to download the flyer.

As reported previously, the concept* is being advanced by Dr. Tyler Ley, Professor of Structural Engineering at Oklahoma State University.  In the video, Dr. Ley calls for a “massive, huge, game changer approach” to improving roadways. He also says there is a need to “create money, reduce traffic, improve safety, improve sustainability and create long-lasting roadways.”  Click here to see the video. 

* People who contributed to this concept include: Paul Tikalsky, Kelvin Wang, Joshua Li, Dan Cook, Norb Delatte, and Tyler Ley of Oklahoma State University;  Aleksandra Radlinska of Penn State; and Tara Cavaline, Don Chen, Matthew Whelan of UNC-Charlotte.

Join the Discussion!

ACPA is encouraging members, chapter/states, and our technology partners to join the discussion on both the need and the urgency of investing in our nation’s surface transporation infrastructure, and in particular, highways and bridges.  ACPA has initiated a social media campaign in direct support of The Road Information Program (TRIP). 

We invite you to use these messages in your own social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).  Special thanks to Will Wilkins and Lisa Templeton at TRIP for supplying the reports and fact sheets ACPA staff used to create these messages.  Feel free to use the photos and the corresonding messages, or alternatively, customize the messages if you’d like. In our cust0mization of the messages, we’ve added “Now is the Time” to the graphics to emphasize the urgency and to tie into upcoming meetings and ongoing discussions in Washington, DC.

Last, but not least, for those of you familiar with social media, be sure to “tag” both ACPA and TRIP so we can keep the momentum going!  

  • ACPA – Twitter: @PaveConcrete | Facebook: @paveconcrete63  
  • TRIP –  Twitter: @TRIP_Inc


Investment messages (right click images to download).  Messages are paired with the image appearing directly below the lines of text.

#Infrastructure investment boosts the economy, says .@TRIP_Inc. In the short time, investment in our highways and bridges creates well-paying jobs in #construction and related fields.

#Infrastructure investment boosts the economy, says .@TRIP_Inc. In the long-term, investments enhance economic competitiveness & improve quality of life by reducing travel delays & transportation costs, improving access & mobility, improving safety, and sustaining job growth.








According to @TRIP_Inc., a recent AASHTO Transportation Bottom Line Report reveals annual investment in the nation’s roads, highways and bridges needs to increase from $88B to $120B. The report also found the backlog in needed road, highway and bridge improvements is $740B.








Why is #infrastructure investment so important? One reason is 72% of the $16.8 trillion of goods shipped in the U.S. is carried in trucks on #highways, says .@TRIP_Inc. An additional 14% travels by rail, water, #USPS or couriers, which use multiple modes, including highways.









Highway and Bridge Condition messages

Road conditions are another reason we need #infrastructure investment now. According to @TRIP_Inc., a recent AASHTO Transportation Bottom Line Report reveals annual investment in the nation’s roads, highways and bridges needs to increase from $88B to $120B. The report also found the backlog in needed road, highway and bridge improvements is $740B. 








Highway accessibility was ranked the #1 one site selection factor in a 2017 survey of corporate executives by AREA DEVELOPMENT magazine. Labor costs & skilled labor availability (both impacted by site accessibility), were rated 2nd & 3rd, respectively, according to @TRIP_Inc.







Forty-five percent of America’s major urban Interstates experience congestion during peak hours, acccording to .@TRIP_Inc . Traffic congestion costs American motorists $170 billion a year in wasted time and fuel costs.








Safety Messages

Forty-five percent of America’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. Driving on roads in need of repair costs U.S. motorists $131 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $616 per motorist, according to .@TRIP_Inc.








There were 37,133 traffic fatalities in 2017 in the US, according to .@TRIP_Inc. Roadway features are likely a contributing factor in about 1/3 of traffic fatalities.  Between 2013 and 2017, 175,080 people died on U.S. highways. The time is now to #invest in our #infrastructure.








Crashes in which roadway design was likely a contributing factor cost U.S. motorists $102.4B/year year in medical costs, lost productivity, travel delays workplace costs, insurance costs and legal costs, according to .@TRIP_Inc.  The time for #infrastructure #investment is now.








According to a study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, $100 million spent on highway safety improvements will save 145 lives over a 10-year period, according to .@TRIP_Inc. The time for #infrastructure #investment is now. 


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