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PCA Launches Election Resources Page

PCA last week launched an election resources center to assist PCA members and allies with tools and news aimed at the ever changing political environment due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, according to PCA’s most recent Executive Report.

This webpage addresses the changes in primary dates and the voting process on a state-by-state basis, a primary election calendar, and six easy tips for being an informed voter. 

The website, My Voting Information Center, shows how each individual can access information on where to vote and learn more about the candidates.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.

PCA: Modest Cement Consumption Ahead

PCA Market Intelligence expects cement consumption will grow by 1.7 percent in 2020, according to PCA Senior Vice President and Chief Economist Ed Sullivan, who predicts cement consumption will be at moderate growth levels through this year and into 2022. 

The potential for stronger than expected construction in residential construction could add one full percentage point to this outlook, Sullivan says.

“The economy rests on two pillars, consumer spending and labor markets,” according to Sullivan during PCA’s press briefing at World of Concrete. “As long as the economy continues to grow and create jobs, the economy will remain on solid ground and continue to support cyclical portions of the cement market. But the economic recovery is aging and losing its zip. Economic growth will gradually slow, along with construction activity and cement consumption growth rates.”

The aging of the recovery makes the economy, and cement consumption, more vulnerable to potential disruptions. Economic challenges include slower global economic growth, declining consumer sentiment, trade issues, and the threat of coronavirus fully hitting the United States, he says.  

Photo depicts sustainable building design & construction. Photo source: PCA website.

News from Capitol Hill

This is the latest installment of highlights of PCA’s “This Week in Washington” update. Interested in seeing more? Become an ACPA Advocacy Interest Member.* Advocacy Interest Members are eligible to participate in the Legislative Issues Committee (LIC). Click here to join!

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the recipients of the most recent round of Airport Improvement Program funding. Specifically, DOT awarded $520.5 million in airport infrastructure grants to 287 airports across the country, ranging from rehabilitating runways to constructing taxiways.

OSHA has re-initiated its National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), which will increase the agency’s focus and frequency of testing for RCS in particular industries where workers are more likely to be exposed. Several concrete and related applications are targeted. See Appendix A of the OSHA Instruction for the full list of targeted industries. The NEP directs that at least 2 percent of inspections annually shall target RCS. Furthermore, the Office of Inspector General issued a memorandum to OSHA advising that the Inspector General’s office is initiating an audit of the agency’s RCS program.

* Advocacy Interest Membership is a special individual membership category. To be eligible for membership in this category, a member must be a stockholder, owner, director, or employee of a member admitted to any other class of membership (Article IV, Section a-i, and l). In addition, to become and remain eligible, individuals must affirm their Advocacy Interest Membership annually.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.


Campaign Builds Awareness of Cement, Concrete Benefits

PCA las week announced its Shaped by Concrete, a new educational campaign to increase awareness of the sustainability, resiliency and durability of concrete made with cement.

The campaign will feature stories based on these themes, exploring how these construction materials shape the world around us to make our communities, cities and country better. In the site’s news section, a number of stories provide interesting, informative stories about how cement and concrete are contributing positively to the world around us.

There has never been a more important time to explain how and why concrete became – and continues to be – the material of choice for virtually every type of construction through its positive impacts on society, PCA says. This campaign is particularly timely and relevant, given the impacts from climate change, growing populations and accelerating urbanization creating demand for safe, affordable housing.

“As we prepare for the challenges future generations face, concrete will be even more critical to building a sustainable world for tomorrow,” says Mike Ireland, president and CEO of the Portland Cement Association. “Concrete is the most durable, resilient, available and affordable material in the built environment, supporting sustainable economic, social and environmental development priorities, and the Shaped by Concrete campaign is how we’ll tell that story to stakeholders and partners.”

Shaped by Concrete will focus on key themes often overlooked and underrepresented in conversations and media coverage of cement and concrete, including their ability to meet sustainable development goals, decrease costs from natural disasters, and assist with key societal challenges, such as our nation’s housing crisis.

“We are excited to share bold, compelling stories of how we can make the world a better place, shaped by concrete,” Ireland says. For more information on cement and concrete, and to explore the Shaped by Concrete campaign, visit www.shapedbyconcrete.com.

Photo depicts a view of the Shaped by Concrete website. The site features a growing collection of stories, infographics and other interesting, informative (and often under-reported) details about cement and concrete.

Success at World of Concrete

For the second year in a row, ACPA, IGGA and PCA exhibited together at World of Concrete last week. The three associations had a commanding presence at a choice location in the Central Hall.

Staff members of the three associations–Scott Mueller and Bill Davenport (ACPA), John Roberts (IGGA), Alpa Swinger and Dave Arquette (PCA)–refined a booth concept that was very inviting and encouraged interaction with show attendees.

With the addition of a trivia contest, the combined booth saw an estimated 650 visitors. Scott developed the trivia contest, with support from ACPA and PCA staff, to build awareness of the sustainability, resilience and performance benefits of cement and concrete. The trivia contest wa an entertaining way to share information on important and timely topics and also was a nice complement to PCA’s launch of the “Shaped by Concrete” educational campaign. (See related story in this issue of ACPA TODAY.)

In addition to staff members noted above, Jerry Voigt, Eric Ferrebee and Chrissy Mysko (ACPA) and Jamie Farney and Greg Halsted (PCA) worked the booth, providing technical and membership information; educating visitors about the benefits of cement and concrete solutions; building awareness about timely issues; and sharing some fun and important information with trivia “contestants.” Mike Ireland, Nick Ferrari, Ed Sullivan and Mike Zande (PCA) also spent time visiting members and other visitors at the show.

ACPA delivered three industry training courses presented by Jerry Voigt and Eric Ferrebee, along with help from Mike Ayers. The topics included constructing smooth concrete pavements; proper joint design, construction & sealing; and a new course on techniques to repair/preserve concrete pavements. In all, they presented more than 9-1/2 hours of training to a record-breaking 80 individuals.

ACPA and PCA also had press events at the show, with ACPA providing an overview on market trends and recent programs and initiatives, and PCA presenting both an economic forecast and details about the “Shaped by Concrete” campaign.

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