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ACPA Offers Course on Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements

World of Concrete Exclusive: ACPA Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements: Tips, Techniques & State of the Art Equipment 

Course Code: ACPAMO
Date/Time: Monday, January 22 | 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Location: LVCC North Hall
Register online and select courses prior to checkout.  (You can also select courses if you’ve previously registered.)  

This 3.5-hour comprehensive training session will be presented by leading authorities on the topic of concrete pavement smoothness, equipment automation and instruments.

Together, our subject matter experts will discuss equipment, instruments and technologies being used to construct smooth concrete pavements. This training is a must for contractors of all sizes and experience levels. Project and construction managers, estimators, equipment managers and quality managers, as well as civil, geotechnical and pavement engineers will benefit from learning about the latest developments This course includes four unique modules:

  • Avoiding the Rough Stuff—brief overview to gain better understanding of roughness, why smooth pavements are so important, and how a slipform paver works
  • Smoothness Begins with the Concrete Mixture—creating a good slipform mixture and evaluating essential attributes of the concrete mixture with new tests & technology
  • Construction Factors a Contractor Must Consider—details for building smooth pavements including set-up, operation, grade preparation, control-charting, etc. 
  • How Equipment & Instruments are Making Smooth Pavements Smoother—stringless paving, real-time smoothness equipment, lightweight profilers for measuring smoothness, evaluating profiles software, magnetic topography for dowel location, and other equipment used to achieve smoothness in concrete paving operations

The program also will allow time for questions and answers as well as discussion of other emerging technologies impacting concrete pavement smoothness.  

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The fee for this program is $160, but you can save morewhen purchasing two or more ACPA Pavement sessions! Click here to see our  other industry course offerings on Wednesday and Thursday at WOC 2018.   Two courses = $280 ($40 savings);  all three courses= $400 ($80 savings).

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ACPA Reaches New Heights with Distance Learning

ACPA received a positive report on its four web-based learning management system courses with the news that 800 people have taken the courses since first going live in 2013.

Screen grab shows detail of media coverage in EQUIPMENT WORLD/BETTER ROADS.

Screen grab shows detail of media coverage in EQUIPMENT WORLD/BETTER ROADS.

In late January, ACPA launched the latest of the courses, “Best Practices for Constructing Smooth  Concrete Pavements” and “Best Practices for Handling Aggregates for Concrete Paving.”   The existing courses cover “Safety on Concrete Pavement Construction Sites” and “Proper Use of Stringless Paving Technology.”

The launch began with a press conference at World of Concrete, press release and social media campaign. The media campaign is also believed to have sparked the 35% increase in participation in the “safety” and “stringless” courses.

The courses are available free of charge by clicking here (or alternatively, going to http://www.acpa.org/self-paced-online-courses/); then entering the coupon code “Pavement1” when prompted.

All four courses feature a split-screen option for viewing the presentation, as well as rich content that includes field interviews, photographs, illustrations, and video footage depicting the subject matter.

Participants also may receive a certificate of completion / PDH Certificate at the completion of each course.  The table below shows the breakdown or participants and the available credits for each course.

Course NameYear of ProgramNo. of ParticipantsCredit Hours/PDH's
Worker Safety On Concrete Pavement Construction Sites20133231.5
Course Proper Use of Stringless Slipform Paving Technology 2013 268 1.5
Best Practices for Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements 2015 128 4.5
Course Best Practices for Handling Aggregates for Concrete Paving 2015 813.5
TOTAL 80011 available

Web-Based Training Covers Concrete Paving Best Practices

The American Concrete Pavement Association has launched two new web-based instructional modules that provide professional training about best practices for constructing smooth concrete pavements and handling aggregates for concrete paving.

Developed by ACPA with support from the Federal Highway Administration, the courses are offered free of charge to participants involved in highway and heavy construction.   The courses are targeted to concrete paving contractors, agency personnel, consulting engineers, and others involved in construction management and/or concrete pavement project delivery.   The courses are intended for persons with pavement construction, rehabilitation, and/or preservation experience.

FHWA-coursesThe courses are available at http://acpa.scholarlab.com/.   After registering, users will be asked to enter a coupon code, which is pavement1 (pavement and the number one).   Registration and entry of the coupon code enables participants to take the course at no cost.

The courses provide a content-rich learning experience, complete with well-illustrated presentations led by professional civil engineers; field interviews with contractor personnel and other experts; and videos, photographs, and animations that illustrate process steps or actions related to the subject matter.

The courses are each divided into multiple sections, organized by topic.  Prior to advancing to the next section, participants will be required to complete simple, “hurdle tests,” multiple choice or true/false tests, to validate participation and comprehension of subject matter.  

An optional “evidence of learning” exam is also administered at the conclusion of each module.  Successful completion (70% or more correct answers) of the exam will allow participants to produce a certificate of completion that may be used for company compliance requirements and/or professional development hours (PDH’s), where allowable by local licensing organizations.  

 About the Course Content

  • Best Practices for Constructing Smooth Concrete Pavements–Comprehensive training covers all aspects of constructing smooth concrete pavements, from defining roughness to why smooth pavements are mportant. Also covers smoothness measurement, the “10 commandments”  of smooth paving, and quality control methods. (4.5 hour course / 4.5 PDHs)

  • Best Practices for Handling Aggregates for Concrete Paving–In-depth training covers basics of aggregates; acceptance criteria; tips and techniques for configuring a concrete plant site; stockpile management best practices; proper handling between stockpiles and concrete plants; and what can go wrong if poor techniques are used. (3.5 hour course / 3.5 PDHs)

  • Safety on Concrete Pavement Construction Sites – This course is designed for anyone who works directly on site or has reason to visit concrete pavement construction sites. The course addresses safety concerns around slipform paving equipment (paver, spreader, cure machine, construction bridges, etc.), batch plant, haul trucks, concrete saws, and the general paving site. (1.5-hour course / 1.5 PDHs)

  • Proper Use of Stringless Paving Technology–This course covers stringless paving technology for concrete pavement projects. The program includes an overview of the technology, as well as how stringless paving works. It also includes recommended best practices for using stringless paving technology to place quality concrete pavements. (1.5-hour course / 1.5 PDHs)


* Some restrictions may apply. Courses are designed and intended for persons with a working knowledge and experience in concrete pavement construction, as well as associated fields.  In advance of beginning these courses, participants are responsible for checking state/provincial licensing requirements, as well as acceptance of these courses for continuing education and/or professional development requirements.



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