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TRIP Report Explores Challenges Facing Rural Highways and Roads

The nation’s rural roads, highways and bridges face a $211 billion backlog in needed repairs and improvements. This is one of the key findings in TRIP’s latest report, “Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America’s Heartland,” which was released Tuesday.

The 48-page publication details state-by-state rural pavement conditions, as well as other information that can benefit industry and public sector stakeholders responsible for planning, funding, building and preserving highways, roads and other surface transportation facilities. 

For more information, including a video report, appendices and other information, please visit TRIP’s dedicated web page

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.

TRIP Report Underscore Importance of Highways and Roads

The Road Information Program (TRIP) recently released its latest reports on “America’s Surface Transportation System and Federal Funding.”

The reports provide national perspectives and state-by-state information about the critical needs and value of the nation’s highways and roads. TRIP makes the reports available to stakeholders further supports the dissemination of the information with media work at both the national and state levels.

ACPA is pleased to support the effort with this story and other communications efforts. Here are just a few of the very important and  timely points from a national perspective:

  • Investments in the surface transportation system will boost the nation’s economy in the short-term by creating jobs. In the long-term, investments will enhance economic competitiveness, stimulate sustained job growth, improve access and mobility, improve traffic safety, reduce travel delays and improve road and bridge conditions.
  • Roads and highways are the backbone of our economy, allowing U.S. motorists to travel 3.2 trillion miles annually. They are vital to moving a significant portion of the $16.8 trillion worth of commodities shipped within the country each year. But, conditions on the system are deteriorating, as the need for transportation improvements far outpaces the amount of state and federal funding available.
  • The design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure in the U.S. supports approximately 4 million full-time jobs across all sectors of the economy.
  • Approximately 62.9 million full-time jobs in in key industries like tourism, retail sales, agriculture and manufacturing are completely dependent on the nation’s transportation network.

To view the latest state-by-state fact sheets that capture statistics and other facts, please visit TRIP’s dedicated web pages. Click on the state weblinks to open and download PDF fact sheets.

Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.

TRIP Names New Executive Director

Dave Kearby, CAE,  was named executive director of  TRIP, the Washington, DC-based national transportation research organization.

He succeeds Will Wilkins, who retires this year after 36 years of service at TRIP, 33 as TRIP’s executive director.

Dave was named executive director after an extensive search process by TRIP’s succession task force.

“We’re confident we’ve got the right person for the position,” said Ken Wert, 2020 TRIP Chairman of the Board. “Dave’s background in transportation and his familiarity in working with volunteer leaders will position him well as he takes the helm of this highly regarded nonprofit.” 

He brings years of experience in the surface transportation field, having served as Central District Manager for AGC of Washington for more than a decade. In addition, he served as chair and board member of TRANSAction, one of Washington State’s first regional transportation partnerships.

”I’m excited to be chosen for this position and am looking forward to leading TRIP into the 2020s,” Dave says. “This organization has been a credible, highly regarded source on all things surface transportation related for nearly 50 years and my goal is to continue and enhance that reputation.”

“I know I’m leaving TRIP in good hands,” says retiring executive director Will Wilkins. “Dave’s experience in surface transportation and his qualifications as a certified association executive make him the perfect choice to lead TRIP.”

TRIP Report Focuses on Freight Transportation Issues

The Road Information Program (TRIP) today released a report called America’s Rolling Warehouses: Opportunities and Challenges with the Nation’s Freight Delivery System.” 

The report examines the ability of the nation’s freight transportation system to accommodate the growing demand for freight movement efficiently and safely in spite of significant issues. Some of the top issues include inadequate transportation capacity, a lack of funding for needed improvements to the freight network, a shortage of drivers, and consumer demands for faster delivery.

The report ranks the states with the greatest amount of freight shipped to or from sites in their state, states with the highest share of Interstate vehicle miles of travel by combination trucks, states with the largest average annual number of large truck fatalities, and states with the largest projected increase in freight movement between 2016 and 2045.

TRIP’s report also identifies the nation’s 20 worst freight highway bottlenecks and concludes with a series of recommendations to improve the nation’s freight transportation system.  TRIP released the report this morning and is supporting the public affairs initiative with national and state media work. Click here to download a copy.

TRIP Executive Director Will Wilkins will be addressing this and other issues at ACPA’s upcoming 56th Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for December 3 through 5, in New Orleans. TRIP is a national transportation research nonprofit, based in Washington, DC.  

TRIP Seeks Executive Director

Following the announcement of retirement plans by Will Wilkins, Executive Director of The Road Information Program, Inc. (TRIP), the organization is now seeking an Executive Director.

The position description follows: TRIP is seeking an executive director to manage all operations of this reputable national transportation research nonprofit established in 1971. Qualified candidates should possess nonprofit/association management and fundraising/membership development experience.

Proven oral and written communications skills required and a public relations/communications background desirable. Knowledge of the surface transportation industry is helpful. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume in confidence to chairman@tripnet.org.

TRIP’s mission is to be a credible source of data and information for a diverse group of transportation stakeholders; deliver news and social media coverage of transportation issues and messages; and, inform and promote discussion of policies that improve the movement of goods and people, make surface travel safer, and enhance economic development and productivity.


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