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Ten-Minute Pulse Offers a Ten-Year Outlook

Reflecting on ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative during the Mid-Year Meeting last week, David Howard, Strategic Advisory Committee Chairman (and ACPA 2nd Vice Chairman of the Board), led a discussion to draw on the experience and expertise of the committee and others in attendance.  

The fast-paced roundtable discussion offered additional insights on the direction of infrastructure.  Here’s a recap of the important characteristics of pavement and pavement design or construction that may likely be demanded of us by 2029 (10 years out). The brief, fast-paced discussion was aptly called the “10-minute pulse.”

The ideas are presented as recorded and do not suggest a prioritized order:

  • Lower tire-pavement noise (demand driver is quieter e-vehicles)
  • Surfaces that are optimized for smoothness (demand driver is high-speed – 150 mph – autonomous vehicles)
  • Improved sustainable footprint (demand driver is increased awareness and demand for sustainable infrastructure)
  • Pavement surfaces that help improve vehicle fuel efficiency (demand driver is societal desire for energy efficiency and independence)
  • Pavement structures resilient to inundation and more extreme weather (demand driver is climate change consideration and building code improvements)
  • Pavement structures that can be heated to melt snow/ice (demand driver is improved safety and reduced snow/ice removal costs at critical locations)
  • Pavement structures to accommodate heavier truck axle loads (demand driver is dedicated truck corridors and/or increased legal load limits for freight movement efficiency)
  • Concrete mixture design and specification system for consistently durable concrete mixtures (demand driver is higher expectation of concrete performance for interstates, critical corridors and airfields, as well as more limited virgin material availability)
  • New concrete mixtures that will work effectively for thin overlays (demand driver is to develop competition for pavement resurfacing market)
  • Reuse/repurpose of all on-site materials during pavement rehabilitation/reconstruction (demand driver is circular economy considerations and more limited virgin resource availability)
  • Increased use of geosynthetic materials in pavement layers (demand driver is resource efficiency and more limited virgin resource availability)
  • Construction methods using automated equipment requiring fewer skilled/trained workers (demand driver is fast construction and limited workforce availability)
  • Slipforming or other construction methods that accommodate embedded sensors within the pavement or inlaid striping (demand driver is movement to intelligent vehicle/pavement interaction)
  • Efficiently constructible pavements allowing faster speed of construction and opening to traffic (demand driver is traffic volume and congestion)
  • Real-time quality assurance and quality control testing and evaluation (demand driver is continuing shift away from traditional construction inspection)

In addition to these pavement, construction and design characteristics, in 10 years it was opined that the industry will need to be responsive to a larger number of owners as the states sell off parts of their systems to private owners. It was also noted that resource allocation between rural and urban area/development will be a factor influencing pavement product demand.

Innovative, Creative Events Set Pace for Mid-Year Meeting

With a record 118 registrants, ACPA’s Mid-Year Meeting this week featured a high-energy, information packed program that focused on both current and emerging trends, technologies and other developments.

The 2-1/2 day meeting began with an innovative change management seminar led by Scott Mueller, VP of Marketing, followed by an informative social media and communications seminar. The two events provided insights into changes occurring in the world around us and within the cement and concrete industry. Equally important, the seminars featured a team-building exercise, robust discussions, and breakout sessions where participants had lively discussions about challenges and opportunities we’re all facing in the industry.

A VISION2040 workshop action-plan forum followed the seminars and began with an overview and update on ACPA’s long-term vision regarding emerging megatrends, technological changes, and pavement technology advancements.

The forum was an important next step in this ongoing initiative, which continues to evolve and set the pace for industry advancements and other changes the concrete pavement industry and the transportation-construction community will need to address. 

Look for additional information about the ACPA Mid-Year Meeting in our June 19th issue of ACPA TODAY. 

Photo:  Maureen Roe, McCarthy Improvement, presents discussion group results on the topic of workforce development during the ACPA Change Management Seminar.

AASHTO Spring Meeting Hints at Changing Roles

ACPA participated in the AASHTO Spring Meeting last week, and Leif Wathne and Scott Mueller tag-teamed to participate in the four-day meeting.

One of the key focal points of the meeting was AASHTO’s highway reauthorization priorities, with funding and program stability topping the list. 

As part of the May 20th through 23th meeting in Park City, UT, the state transportation officials also held the Council on Highways and Streets. One of the major discussions focused on the changing roles of chief engineers and other officials who must increasingly address issues that go beyond historical highway-centric issues. Examples include multimodal transportation, drones, transit issues, and the changing functions of highways (which increasingly incorporate rapidly-evolving technology and communications features).

During the AASHTO Innovation Initiative session, Tom Harman, Director of the FHWA’s Center for Innovation, presented on the culture of innovation.  As part of his presentation (developed in part with input from Dan Rozycki with the Transtec Group), Harman asked Leif Wathne to share both details and insights regarding ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative.  A one-page overview about the VISION2040 effort was shared with the meeting attendees.   
Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.

ACPA Appears on ConstructechTV

As part our ongoing media relations program, Leif Wathne appeared on Constructech TV with podcast host Peggy Smedley.  The interview with Leif begins at the 26:49 mark of the program. His comments are part of Episode 45, “Emerging Tech Drives Infrastructures.”  

The interview focuses on ACPA’s VISION2040 initiative, which Leif described as beginning with a blue-ribbon panel thinking about the future,  establishing a vision, contemplating the future, and trying “to see how new technologies will be woven into the fabric of our highway infrastructure.”

He described how land will become more valuable in the future and will require concrete pavement to serve more purposes than carrying traffic or parked vehicles.  He pointed to innovations such as stormwater management and conducting electricity as likely innovations that will be incorporated into concrete pavements.

“In moving forward, I think it’s ultimately industry’s responsibility to innovate and the agencies’ responsibility to implement those innovations,” he says. “To fully marshal that innovation and cost competitiveness, the highway agencies have to actively facilitate healthy and spirited competition between industries involved in the production of paving materials.”

In related news, ACPA congratulates Peggy on being named the recipient of ASCE’s Excellence in Journalism Award.  In addition to her role as President/Editorial Director of Specialty Publishing Media (publisher of Constructech Magazine), she is also widely known in both print and digital media, including podcasting. 

Here’s a Snapshot of our News Coverage

Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent media results. Two of the leading stories so far this year are centered around media work we did during World of Concrete (WOC), as well as our efforts around the “VISION2040” project. 

The media and social media work leading up to WOC, during the show, and since then included an overview of major initiatives planned for this year, as well as our annual market recap for concrete pavements, and the appointment of our 2019 Chairman Jim Mack. 

As we’ve reported previously, VISION2040 first began with a blue-ribbon panel meeting in late 2017 and continued with fact-finding and data collection last year. In November, we published and distributed a draft report, “VISION2040: The Future of Concrete Pavement Imagined,” which summarized the visioning session and the resultant long-term outlook.  Then in late January, we published a final report, and since then more than 1,900 copies have been distributed at ACPA’s annual meeting, World of Concrete, and Chapter workshops and meetings across the country. 

Here are links to just a few of our media placements:

Although these are just a sample of our media placements that have appeared on line, we’ve also seen other placements in printed media. Our social media activity also increased significantly, particularly as we increased our reach for VISION2040 by producing it in flipbook and PDF formats.

On the digital/social media front, ACPA has increased its presence on popular social media platforms, including YouTube/Google Video, where we have added our own videos, as well as links to popular videos by the FHWA, AASHTO, Dr. Tyler Ley (Oklahoma State University), and several member companies.  When viewing our video channel, be sure to click on “Play Lists” to see videos organized by topic, including paving, public policy & funding, safety, and more!   For questions, more information or to recommend a video and/or channel, please contact Bill Davenport (847.423.8703 | bdavenport@acpa.org). 

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