The ACPA Board took several important actions during its third quarter meeting in Rosemont on October 11.  The board affirmed its support of the advancement of a new promotion plan developed jointly with Portland Cement Association. The plan is currently being refined and will be discussed with the Portland Cement Association Board later this month.

The ACPA Board also provisionally accepted a 2019 draft budget plan prepared by the Budget & Finance Committee, with the understanding that outstanding questions will be clarified between now and the annual meeting on Nov. 27-29.  Adjustments may be made as needed during the interim period, with final acceptance anticipated at the next board of directors meeting Nov. 29.  The Association anticipates a budget of $3.88 million to support pavement promotion.

In addition, directors affirmed the Association’s support of the CP Tech Center’s efforts on the performance engineered mixtures (PEM) research/development program and considered a new proposal from the Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota to formalize a chapter affiliation agreement, supporting pavement promotion in the state.