The U.S. House of Representatives’ Transportation & Infrastructure Commitee is inviting stakeholders to recognize and thank people who keep the nation moving.

Starting on Tuesday, April 21 at 1 p.m. (EDT) / Noon (CDT), the T&I Committee staff will launch a bipartisan “Twitterstorm,” posting social media messages with the tag #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving.

 The concrete pavement industry is, of course, essential to keeping the nation moving, so we encourage all members, staff, and affiliates to participate.

We’re encouraging members to join with us in this campaing.  We’ve included photos and messages you can cut & paste into your Twitter account.  You can also use your own messages, but be sure to include the tag, #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving. (If you’re not able to cut & paste one the photos, you can click on the links below to download.)

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Please feel free to cut & paste these sample messages along with the photos above. 

As #COVID19 continues to affect communities across the nation, workers in the transportation and infrastructure sectors are stepping up and doing their part in helping us battle this global pandemic.

#ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving, we are with you, we support you, and we thank you. To those who keep us moving as our nation battles #COVID19, thank you. We know times are tough, but because of your work & the sacrifices you’ve made, medical professionals can reliably get to & from work, deliveries are continuing, & so much more. You will get us through this. #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving

From transit workers to utility workers and more, the T&I Committee thanks you for your work as our nation battles #COVID19. The essential job you do keeps our country moving and brings us one step closer to overcoming this global pandemic. #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving 

As millions of Americans are forced into their homes amid #COVID19, essential employees are bravely putting on their uniform, clocking in, and working to put an end to this global pandemic. #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving.

As we face the #Covid19 pandemic, we are reminded of just how critical workers are to our supply chain infrastructure. Thank you #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving for all of your hard work during this unprecedented crisis.

T&I thanks the truck drivers, equipment operators, flight crews, maintenance workers, emergency personnel, and all other essential employees doing their part to keep America moving. #COVID19 #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving

A special thanks to the men and women of @uscg who continue to serve our nation and keep America secure as we fight this battle against #COVID19 #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving

As our nation battles this global pandemic, essential workers continue to show up and keep America moving. T&I thanks you and offers our support during this national challenge. #ToThoseWhoKeepUsMoving