The Road Information Program (TRIP) last week released, “Bumpy Road Ahead,” a report detailing the nation’s roughest roads and strategies for making them smoother. The report calls attention to deteriorating conditions of the nation’s major roads, based on 2016 FHWA pavement condition data for the most populous urban areas.  The report also covers factors including travel trends, repair developments, and funding levels needed to address the issue.

The report includes several tables that provide important and valuable data sets.  One table lists 20 large urban areas (pop. 500k or more) with the highest percentage of roads and highways in poor condition.  Three California cities top that list, with the San Francisco/Oakland area showing 71%. 

Other tables show similar data for mid-sized areas; the percentage of major roads in rough condition in 40 large- and mid-sized urban areas; and the high cost associated poor road conditions to drivers, also in 40 large- and mid-sized urban areas.  The report also cites preventive maintenance and repair recommendations for smoother urban roads. Click here to see the complete report.