SH 45 Pueblo Boulevard (SH 96 to US 50), Pueblo, CO
Contractor: Castle Rock Construction Company
Owner/Engineer: Colorado DOT Region 2

State Highway 45 in Pueblo is a 3.5 mi. stretch of heavily-trafficked roadway that connect the town of Pueblo west of US 50 to the downtown area.

The existing asphalt roadway was severely damaged with transverse cracking and need complete replacement.

Several concrete contractors, including Castle Rock Construction, met with the Colorado DOT prior to the bid process to discuss constructability of concrete on SH 45. The existing median curb & gutter sections needed to remain in place for a portion of the project, and adjacent to the curb & gutter, the paving needed to be constructed with zero clearance for paver tracks. The industry worked through those concerns with the DOT, and the project was bid as a concrete paving job.

The project included 190,000 SY of asphalt planning and 170,000 SY of full-depth reclamations, as well as 38,000 CY of excavation and mitigation of unsuitable subgrade using aggregate base course with geogrid reinforcement.

The project also called for 160,000 SY of 8.25 in. doweled concrete pavement. Additional work included traffic signal reconfigurations; bridge jacking, rehab, and resurfacing; and rock check dams and drainage grading.

In addition to performing its own contract work, Castle Rock also provided direct oversight of 22 subcontractors while working with 14 contract modifications totaling approximately $1M.

The project had three main phases, with multiple smaller phases. Dividing the paving into these so many phases, along with the three bridges and gaps at all four intersections could have adversely impacted the pavement smoothness, but with proper planning, the effects were minimized.

Sustainability features included a 10% limestone replacement cement, which lowers the carbon footprint. The use of fly ash and a batch plant on site also significantly reduced the fuel and emissions that would have been associated with trucking the materials. The concrete and asphalt removed from the project were crushed and used as part of the full-depth repairs on the base.

In addition to the sustainability features of the project, the owner, taxpayers, and travelers have a long-lasting concrete roadway that will provide many years of service.