ACPA members who are registered on contractor-to-contractor equipment website, “The Concrete Yard” ( will receive exclusive emails that list used equipment and accessories ahead of their scheduled postings to the site.  This service allows ACPA members prior access and up to 48 hours to act on any of the equipment pre-listings before they are posted and visible to all registered users of the website.

To take advantage of this special program, ACPA members should click on the Register Now button within “The Yard” box to the right.  You’ll arrive at The Yard website.  Create an account on that site.  Once you do, you’ll automatically be identified as a member and begin receiving pre-listing notices via email. 

About the Concrete Yard

 “The Concrete Yard,” is a portal for contractor-to-contractor negotiated sales of concrete plants; slipform and form-riding paving equipment; placers and trimmers; concrete paving forms; conveyors and dust-control systems; and stringline equipment and accessories. 

The portal is well organized and easy to navigate.   Sellers pay no listing fees, and may simply contact “The Yard” with equipment listings.  Barrett recommends providing as much information as possible, noting that the best listings include “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  This includes:

  • Company info and contact(s).
  • Equipment specifications.
  • Maintenance & repair records.
  • Build sheet, if available.
  • Photos and videos, if available.

 Buyers simply log in, then browse the site for current machine and accessory listings.   Interested buyers complete a quick query, and then, Barrett provides an excellent breadth and depth of information, including:

  • Information about the current owner.
  • Where the machine/accessory is located.
  • The means to speak with the operator or mechanic.
  • The cost of the equipment with no mark up.
  • The ability to submit reasonable offers.
  • The ability to find the best possible freight rates .

 Prior to making an offer on equipment/accessories, buyers are asked to be fully aware of terms and conditions of “The Yard.”

 About Barrett Equipment

Equipment Inc. is a fourth generation family owned business which sells concrete paving equipment. The company created “The Yard” with the vision of halting the devaluation of the used concrete-equipment market, and to give contractors and ready mix producers the best options available when buying and selling concrete equipment.  


The Concrete Yard LLP
P.O. Box 189
Cary IL 60013