The Mid-Atlantic Chapter contractors met with Virginia DOT officials to discuss the value of competition in paving type selection and the benefits of a healthy two-pavement system.

Jim Tanner, President, Denton Enterprises, Inc.; Rich McDonough, District Manager, The Lane Construction Corp.; and Patrick Smith, Sr. Project Manager, Atlantic Contracting & Material Co., Inc., along with Ray Seipp, President, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and Leif Wathne, ACPA Executive Vice President, ACPA, represented the concrete paving industry.

An impressive group of VDOT and Virginia Transportation Research Council [VTRC] personnel was headed by Garrett Moore, VDOT Chief Engineer. The group also included Mohammed Mirshahi, VDOT Deputy Chief Engineer; Branco Vlacich, State Maintenance Engineer; and Andy Babish, State Materials Engineer; along with Catherine McGhee, VTRC Director; Kevin McGhee, VTRC Associate Director – Pavements; and Tanveer Chowdhury, VTRC Assistant Division Administrator, State Infrastructure.

 “ACPA was grateful for the opportunity to have a candid and productive conversation regarding the value of competition,” Wathne said.

The Chapter is looking forward to working with Virginia in the development of a competitive pavement system for the benefit of the Virginia taxpayers.