The Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association (WCPA) is seeking a full time Pavement Engineer.  This position will be the lead engineer for WCPA, and will be responsible for technical support, engineering and promotional activities in the county and municipal paving markets in Wisconsin. 

The candidate must have a degree in civil engineering and have knowledge in the design and construction of pavements, estimating and life cycle costs procedures and maintenance and rehabilitation of concrete pavements. 

A strong background in concrete pavement construction and materials would be very beneficial in this position.   In addition, this engineer will assist the President of WCPA in the support of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation highway and airport projects as needed. WCPA has a full benefit package and will negotiate a salary based upon qualifications and experience of the candidate.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact:

Kevin W. McMullen, P.E.
Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association
4001 Nakoosa Trail, Suite 101
Madison, WI 53714
Mobile: 608.209.0878