When ACPA, the Chapters and the CP Tech Center discussed the critical needs of our customers late last month, all agreed that there is a critical need and opportunity for education and training.

The group agreed on a strategy on behalf of the concrete pavement industry to position concrete overlays for easy adoption and implementation by agencies in the event they receive an infusion of federal highway dollars. 

“We are, in effect, implementing lessons learned from the 2009 ARRA program where we were in more of a reactive mode,” says Leif Wathne. “Now we are being proactive and strategic with our webinar program to take advantage of a potentially significant federal highway recovery investment.”

The discussion led to a five-part series covering concrete overlay fundamentals and technical details, along with examples of successful projects around the country.

“The participation has been unprecedented with close to 2,000 participants for the first 3 webinars of the series,” he says. “This is due in large part to great teamwork among the CPTech Center, the Chapter network of promoters, and ACPA. Cross promotion by our allied, national association partners has also been very helpful. This whole effort exemplifies what a successful collaborative effort looks like.”

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