ACPA participated in an infrastructure briefing on highways earlier this month at the White House.

ACPA Vice Chairman Chuck Niederriter (Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc.), ACPA President & CEO Jerry Voigt, and ACPA Executive Vice President Leif Wathne represented ACPA members and affiliates at the meeting.

The meeting was led by Transportation Deputy Secretary Jeffrey Rosen, as well as D.J. Gribbin from the National Economic Council and Alex Herrgott from the Council on Environmental Quality.

Key pillars of the infrastructure framework highlighted during the briefing were:

  1. Regulatory reform (fixing parts of the regulatory system that are broken, and realigning priorities to ensure federal agencies are a help to business rather than a burden),
  2. Rewarding local action (leveraging local/state moneys with federal seed moneys, using grant programs), and
  3. Expanding the reach of federal lending programs (such as TIFIA and RIF).  The overarching objective of the Administration with this change in approach is to grow infrastructure investment partly by enacting policies that lower cost and speed delivery.

Briefings such as this give ACPA first-hand insights into key priorities of the Administration, and also increase the awareness of the Association and its members’ priorities in our nation’s capital.