For the second year in a row, ACPA, IGGA and PCA exhibited together at World of Concrete last week. The three associations had a commanding presence at a choice location in the Central Hall.

Staff members of the three associations–Scott Mueller and Bill Davenport (ACPA), John Roberts (IGGA), Alpa Swinger and Dave Arquette (PCA)–refined a booth concept that was very inviting and encouraged interaction with show attendees.

With the addition of a trivia contest, the combined booth saw an estimated 650 visitors. Scott developed the trivia contest, with support from ACPA and PCA staff, to build awareness of the sustainability, resilience and performance benefits of cement and concrete. The trivia contest wa an entertaining way to share information on important and timely topics and also was a nice complement to PCA’s launch of the “Shaped by Concrete” educational campaign. (See related story in this issue of ACPA TODAY.)

In addition to staff members noted above, Jerry Voigt, Eric Ferrebee and Chrissy Mysko (ACPA) and Jamie Farney and Greg Halsted (PCA) worked the booth, providing technical and membership information; educating visitors about the benefits of cement and concrete solutions; building awareness about timely issues; and sharing some fun and important information with trivia “contestants.” Mike Ireland, Nick Ferrari, Ed Sullivan and Mike Zande (PCA) also spent time visiting members and other visitors at the show.

ACPA delivered three industry training courses presented by Jerry Voigt and Eric Ferrebee, along with help from Mike Ayers. The topics included constructing smooth concrete pavements; proper joint design, construction & sealing; and a new course on techniques to repair/preserve concrete pavements. In all, they presented more than 9-1/2 hours of training to a record-breaking 80 individuals.

ACPA and PCA also had press events at the show, with ACPA providing an overview on market trends and recent programs and initiatives, and PCA presenting both an economic forecast and details about the “Shaped by Concrete” campaign.