ACPA’s annual press briefing at World of Concrete this year focused on key initiatives, including the industry promotion plan, ACPA’s ConcreteCOMPETES program, market growth, progress with, and a new Interstate Highway investment plan (see related story, “Presentation Outlines a Viable Plan for Interstate Highway Investment.”)

Referring to the industry promotion plan, ACPA Chairman Jim Mack (CEMEX) thanked the PCA and the cement industry, and commented that, “ACPA and PCA have worked on a plan that will focus our promotional and technical support efforts where they will be most effective.  He emphasized ACPA is moving forward quickly and decively on the plan. 

“We need to execute our plans well … and quickly,” he said, adding, “the best plans in the world are only the best if they are executed properly.”  Mack said the industry promotion plan, along with  the ConcreteCOMPETES program initiated by 2018 Chairman Chuck Niederriter will be his key focus areas in 2019.  

ACPA President & CEO Jerry Voigt provided a positive outlook on concrete pavement square yards placed in 2018, as well as as projections for growth in 2019.  He also provided an update on, noting that since its official rollout in January 2018, it has been used to create thousands of pavement thickness designs on every continent except one (noting with a smile that the ACPA had no documented uses in Antartica).  He also commented on the TRB report that provides a “blueprint” for Interstate highway investment also covered in this week’s ACPA TODAY.

The press conference was well-attended and included a robust Q&A period that ended right at the 1-hour time alloted by the World of Concrete show management.