Emerging Leaders Group

The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) has established an Emerging Leaders Group (ELG) for the next generation of its concrete paving contractor and industry leaders. The ELG consists of ACPA members approximately 45 years of age and under who have been identified as future leaders by their employers or other industry professionals, providing them an opportunity to become active participants in ACPA and to shape the future of their Association and industry.

What is the purpose of the Emerging Leaders Group?

ACPA recognizes the importance of engaging the next generation of leaders and encouraging them to participate in the Association on the local and national levels. The ELG is an excellent opportunity for emerging leaders to grow into a larger role in the industry. Participation in the ELG will allow members to exchange ideas on national issues, discuss common experiences and best practices, develop leadership skills, and build a network on a national level. The platform offered by the ELG will poise the next generation to assume leadership roles within their organizations and within their local and national industry associations.

What role will the Emerging Leaders Group play in ACPA?

In addition to the mission of developing the next generation of ACPA leadership, the ELG will also provide an immediate opportunity for emerging leaders to bring their voices to the table. Both the Association and its members will benefit through a better understanding of the perspectives of the next generation of leaders. The ELG may also eventually take on additional responsibilities identified by the ACPA Strategic Advisory Committee and Board of Directors. Additionally, the Chair of the ELG will be invited to sit in on ACPA Board Meetings as a non-voting member to represent the ELG.

When will the Emerging Leaders Group meet and what will the meetings consist of?

The ELG will convene each year at the ACPA annual and mid-year meetings, and at other times of the year agreed to by the ELG members. These meetings will allow the members of the group to brainstorm and work on ideas they are passionate about (current topics being worked on by ELG members include technology, marketing, workforce development, and specification needs). Additionally, most meetings will include a social component that will allow members to interact with and get to know other ELG members from around the country in addition to invited guests from the ACPA membership.

How can I sponsor or recommend someone for the ELG?

All ACPA members are encouraged to nominate their employees (or themselves) for the ELG. The Association is looking for nominees who are highly motivated to continue their professional development, improve their leadership skills, and network with their peers from around the country while contributing to the voice of the concrete pavement industry. A nominating form is available below.

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