Coalitions and Government Groups

The ACPA is an active participant in a variety of coalitions and associations. Additionally, we work hand in hand with multiple government agencies to ensure we provide informative and educational support for all parties when needed. ACPA takes great pride in being the pavement resource for the road construction community.

Advocacy Groups

The ACPA participates and helps to lead several advocacy groups to ensure the message for infrastructure funding, and paving continues to be at the forefront of discussions. Working with other industry associations ensures messaging is focused.

Government and Military

From Government at the national level,; to state, and county, as well as military, everyone’s paving needs are slightly different. ACPA recognizes this and works with all groups to ensure the concrete paving programs meet our end user’s needs.

Trade Assns. & Coalitions

Partnering with different trade associations both in the US and globally provides ACPA and our partners with an open forum for advancing paving technologies and education. Our goal continues to be the best resource for concrete paving information.