Advocacy Groups

Working together with other advocacy groups helps ensure that industry wide messaging is consistent and on target.   Promoting these messages benefit the entire infrastructure related communities.

North American Concrete Alliance (NACA)

A coalition of twelve concrete-related associations who address industry-wide concerns & initiatives in the areas of research, safety,
education, and government affairs.

Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC)

The Transportation Construction Coalition includes 32 national associations and labor unions with a direct market interest in the federal transportation programs.   The TCC focuses on the federal budget and surface transportation program policy issues.

The Road Information Program (TRIP)

TRIP is a private, nonprofit organization that researches, evaluates, and distributes economic and technical data on surface transportation issues.  TRIP informs and promotes policies that improve the movement of goods and people, make surface travel safer, and enhance economic development and productivity.
American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA)

The American Highway Users Alliance is a nonprofit advocacy organization serving as the united voice of the transportation community promoting safe, uncongested highways and enhanced freedom of mobility. We strive to present a united position that serves to benefit the broad interests of the motoring public.
Highway Materials Group (HMG)

The HMG is comprised of eleven national associations, representing companies that provide the construction materials and equipment essential to building America’s roads, highways, and bridges. We strongly support increased investment in America’s surface transportation network.