Reliever & General Aviation Airports

Silver Award – Runway 18-36 Extension, Delphi Municipal Airport, Delphi, IN
Contractor: E&B Paving, Inc.*
Owner:  City of Delphi Board of Aviation Commissioners  
Engineer: NGC Corporation

Shortly after this project began, it was discovered during fine grade and proof rolling that several areas needed attention. After placing the 2,750 ft. of underdrain, the grading contractor began undercutting the 2,944 SY of subgrade 12-in.-deep, placed geogrid, then filled with approved #2 stone.

At this point, the fall rains set in and then turned cold. In order to deliver the best project possible, the contractor completed the subbase and paving in late spring. E&B Paving began placing the required 4 in. of P-209 last June and completed the 2,512 tons placement the following day.

Because of weather, paving of the 60-ft.-wide runway began on June 14, at which time E&B Paving elected to pave the center 20-ft. lane first so the subbase could be re-graded. After the curing, the contractor started paving the two outside lanes using the lithium nitrate mitigated 6-in. P-501 concrete. All 1,108 CY of concrete were delivered in front discharge trucks from the nearby Lafayette plant. This 1,350-ft. project then had joints widened, beveled and sealed with silicone sealant.

In 2008, a 5-in. concrete overlay was placed on the 2,650-ft. runway, so now with the addition of the 1,350-ft. extension, Delphi Municipal Airport has a well-designed and constructed runway that will serve the area for many years to come. The 4,000-ft. runway can now accept small jets and other aircraft, which is important to the business and economic growth in Delphi and the surrounding communities.

*ACPA Member