ACPA’s Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) met last week to discuss progress on the association’s new functional committee implementation, as well as other key topics.

Ed Griffith (St. Marys Cement), who serves as SAC Chairman and also as ACPA’s 2nd Vice Chair, led the meeting. Andy Gieraltowski, who serves as the primary staff liaison to the SAC, has worked closely with Ed and several other leaders to help develop and implement the new ACPA committee structure.

Ed began the meeting by crediting Jerry Voigt and Andy for advancing this important and significant operational change. Andy reviewed the overall committee structure, the timeline for implementation, and general progress in the functional committee implementation. ACPA staff members provided more specific details about the inaugural meetings of the functional committees, all of which were held in May and June.

The functional committees support the four market committees covering airports, highways, streets & roads, and industrial pavement markets. The SAC discussed plans for the market committees to meet later this year. The conversation about the market committees dovetailed with the discussion of the annual meeting and the survey of members and other previous annual meeting visitors to gauge their interest in either an in-person or virtual meeting.  (See related story, “ACPA Signals “GO” for In-Person Annual Meeting.)


Illustration shows detail from the Functional Committee presentation shown during the SAC meeting.