When ACPA, the CP Tech Center and the ACPA Chapters first brainstormed the idea of hosting webinars for agencies coping with travel restrictions and work-at-home requirements, no one predicted what a great success the program would be. That was more than three months ago, and since then, more than 5,500 professionals from both the public and private sector have participated in the program.

To accommodate the peak construction season, as well as holiday and vacation season, the program has transitioned from weekly presentations to monthly webinars.

Here’s a look at the one-hour webinars scheduled for the next three months, all beginning at 1 p.m. (EDT) / Noon (CDT):

  • July 21—Achieving Smoothness in Concrete Pavement Construction. This webinar focuses on the design process, how the contractor approaches smoothness, and also includes first-hand accounts from engineers and contractors on how to address site hurdles. Presenters include: Gary Fick, The Transtec Group; Sarah Sanders, Colorado/ Wyoming Chapter; and Dave Howard, Koss Construction (and 2nd Vice Chairman of the ACPA Board)
  • August 18—Concrete Pavement Joint Design, Layout and Construction. Two industry experts, both with former DOT experience, share their insights, philosophies, and some important do’s and don’ts in the art and science of joint design for concrete pavements. They will specifically focus on the more difficult jointing challenges for ramps, intersections and roundabouts. They also will offer perspectives on proper training, support and assistance in their market areas. Presenters include Kevin McMullen, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association, and Bill Cuerdon, New York State Chapter.
  • September 22—The topic for this webinar will be Resiliency/Resilient Pavement Systems. Details are being finalized for the program, so please check future issues of ACPA TODAY for updates.

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