The Research Technology and Innovation (RT&I) functional committee has formed five task forces and selected their chairman to address the five highest identified innovation needs in the industry.

The five needs and the respective task force chairmen are as follows:

  1. Gordon Smith, “Develop cement-based material that is durable (20+ years of service potential) and can be paved and placed in service within hours.”
  2. Dave Sciullo, “Single-lane minimum clearance paver configured similar to a conventional asphalt paver with tractor in front of paving mold.”
  3. Paul Jaworski, “Concrete Batching.”
  4. Tyler Ley, “Real-time sensing of delivered mix properties and smoothness behind paver coupled with automated adjustment (optimization) of spreader operation, paver speed, vibration, etc. to improve pavement quality and smoothness.”
  5. Gary Fick, “Develop concrete pavement systems that will set the bar for future transportation systems (e.g., automated vehicles, dedicated truck corridors, platooned vehicles, data collection, solar power, auto-deicing, etc.).”

The next step is for each of the task forces to identify their course of action and to flesh out their needs further.  The RT&I Committee is one of five functional committees ACPA established earlier this year.