September is often associated with the start of tropical storms and hurricanes, so ACPA is launching a social media campaign to share the benefits of concrete paving in the context of resilience planning and preparation.

Concrete pavements perform significantly better than other paving solutions, so when storms or other disasters strike, there is minimal downtime, and often no repairs, when concrete pavements are used. This enables first responders, medical and other teams to access the impacted areas immediately instead of waiting for the road to be repaired.

“You might ask yourself, ‘How can I help with this campaign?’” says Scott Mueller. “The best way to help ACPA is to comment on the post, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, encourage your brethren to do the same. When we create momentum in social media, it helps strengthen our brand, which strengthens ACPA, which creates more business opportunities for our members.”


Photo shows a view of US 10 in Houston following Hurricane Harvey.  No repairs were needed to the pavement.