The CEOs of four of the five leading transportation construction materials trade associations met by Zoom conference Monday to discuss the most pressing issues facing the transportation construction industry.

Jerry Voigt of ACPA; Audrey Copeland of NAPA; Mike Philips of NRMCA; and Mike Johnson of NSSGA discussed some of the associations’ key priorities. COVID-19 impacts on members and association business was a common thread of concern and central to the discussion.

The CEOs expressed unity in seeking an extension to the Fast Act, and each has a call to action rallying members to voice support to their Congressional representatives and President Trump, all with the aim of a meaningful extension of the current transportation bill before it expires in 14 days.

Regarding relief funding for state Departments of Transportation, at this point in time the CEO’s were not optimistic. “Our lobbyists and government affairs staff all seem to be reading Congress’ position the same way – that it is unlikely we will see transportation construction as an element of economic recovery. However, each of us emphasized we will keep fighting for recovery funding for states on behalf of our members,” said Jerry Voigt.

The associations each have been working separately through the challenge of conducting in-person membership meetings during the pandemic. Every group has moved their events to virtual formats, including several conventions planned for the late winter of 2021.

“ACPA was the last group to decide to move our annual meeting to a virtual format,” Jerry says. “For a lot of reasons, this was a challenging decision for us, but we do take some solace in the fact that our partners have also made those decisions. In the end, for ACPA it is about the health and safety of our members, staff and meeting participants.”

“The CEOs agreed to continue monthly discussions and to set aside some of the competitive nature of the competing industries to help each other through this tough time in history,” Jerry says. “We have continued a spirit to share ideas and information for the betterment of all. The way I see it we each ask our members to share experiences for the betterment of their industry, so as association leaders, we are living that model.”