It’s no secret that AM57 will be a unique event this year.

“The best way I can describe it is that we’re doing things ‘ACPA style,’” says Jerry Voigt. “Our approach to the meeting will shine through and it will be evident in all the ways our members, staff, and chapter affiliates have come together as a team. We anticipate that some new people will attend the virtual event and we hope they’ll be inspired to get further involved when we meet again in person next year. We’re following the example set by great leaders and other members of the Association who tackled large tasks and got through tough times in the past. It’s all about creating energy and choosing a positive attitude!”

Jerry says we learned quickly that presenting a virtual meeting requires as much or more attention to detail, but also is requiring staff members to ramp up quickly to use technology to translate our traditions through technology. “It’s very inspirational that our volunteer leaders and staff are quick to sense when someone else may need some help or some moral support, and they are quick to help, often before being asked to do so,” Jerry says.

Voigt has been presenting high-level glimpses of the meeting in the last few “3 Minutes on Monday” vlogs. “We’re not revealing all the surprises we’re planning ‘behind the curtain,’ but we will deliver the final program that we believe will stand tall with our 56 past annual meetings.” Please click here to register today.