The Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter last week hosted an online training focused on the use of AASHTOWare’s Pavement ME Design tool.

Course attendees included 12 pavement design engineers from the Oklahoma DOT, as well as design consultants.

Brent Burwell, Executive Director of the OK/AR Chapter, hosted and moderated the training, which was led by Eric Ferrebee, ACPA’s Director of Technical Services.

“This training session is very timely as ODOT migrates toward the PaveME design method,” Brent says, adding, “Eric did a great job in navigating the participants through the nuances of the software.”

During the 3-hour training, Eric walked the participants through the basics of designing concrete pavements with Pavement ME. His presentation included a look at the critical inputs for concrete pavement design and details about how to read and evaluate the outputs of the analysis.

He also spent time showing the attendees how to optimize concrete pavement designs through the evaluation of critical inputs, while also being mindful of some of the gaps in the Pavement ME program.