The ACPA Marketing and Communications Committee met last week to preview a new website design, along with an animated explainer video, and collateral literature to support and augment the web content.

The explainer video covers the concept of “Road Network Health,” which combines the principles of LCCA, a ‘mix of fixes,’ inter-industry competition, and the use of solid engineering principles to address highway and road network needs strategically. The members of the committee, all from diverse backgrounds and industry positions, reacted positively and enthusiastically to the preview.

Questions focused on how the site compares to other industry websites, and the response was that it is as good or better. Feedback was also positive about collaborative efforts with the FHWA and MIT to include content, and in response to questions about input from members on case histories and other content, the response was an enthusiastic “yes.” Scott Mueller (representing marketing and promotion) and Bill Davenport (representing ACPA’s communications initiatives) serve as staff liaisons to the committee,  which is planning to meet next during the fourth week of this month.

ACPA plans to roll-out the website and companion materials during our 57th Annual Meeting, scheduled for December 1st through 3rd.