In our second installment of highlights from ACPA’s 57th annual meeting, we’re taking a closer look at the Legislative Issues Forum, presented by the ACPA Legislative Issues Committee. Leif Wathne kicks off the event with an interesting story about the controversial 1824 Presidential election and two of the central characters, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.

He also provided an update on ACPA’s legislative priorities and accomplishments.

Priorities, Leif says, are about securing increased funding, then using those funds smartly and responsibly More specifically, ACPA’s government affairs priorities are to:

  • Secure increased infrastructure investment in transportation infrastructure (for highways and airports);
  • Secure robust and sustainable funding mechanism for the Highway Trust Fund;
  • Grow the Airport Improvement Program and modernize the Passenger Facility Charge cap;
  • Advance good stewardship, notably sound engineering and economic decision-making, mechanistic-empirical pavement design, LCCA, competition, etc.;
  • Factor in life-cycle thinking in all aspects of pavement management (i.e., design, economics asset management and environmental considerations); and
  • Secure and protect funding in highway and airport legislation for two ACPA led provisions, including AID-PT funding for highway research and technology implementation, and APTP funding for airport research and technology.

Leif then introduced the three other leading experts who participated with him on a legislative issues panel discussion. They were: Jeff Davis, Senior Fellow, Eno Center for Transportation; Laura Perrotta, President & CEO, American Highway Users Alliance; and Sean O’Neill, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Portland Cement Association. Together, they discussed the recent elections; status of contested races; funding challenges and projections; leadership changes; advocacy in the age of safe distancing; and climate change. The panelists also shared views about passage of the next highway bill, the Highway Trust Fund and the need to look at long-term funding solutions, not only for infrastructure, but also for state DOT relief. The panel discussion drew excellent questions from meeting participants.

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