The ACPA Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) met Monday to revisit goals and discuss the poling results from market forum meetings, as well as additional insights from forum liaisons.  The SAC’s primary goals in 2020 were successfully completed, notably to:

  • Establish the functional committees – Leadership and member commitments were secured. The rosters are complete for all functional committees. Also, each functional committee defined their scope and purpose which was included in a board manual update SAC members reviewed. Functional committees also met throughout the year to connect with on-going ACPA work plan programs and projects.
  • Conduct first market forums – Despite the pandemic conditions, SAC was able to complete this goal by conducting virtual market forum sessions at the ACPA 57th Annual Meeting. Feedback from members has been very positive.

As mentioned, SAC members heard market forum perspective from the moderators and reviewed polling results. The top issues and opportunities brought forward from members were deliberated on for each market. The SAC determined which functional committees will be tasked with developing solution recommendations to address the top items.

During the first quarter of 2021, functional committees will be responding to solution requests detailing impacts such as potential value, expense, and time. The SAC will then review solution proposals and prioritize them via a survey. After deliberation, the SAC will make recommendations to the ACPA Board of Directors for any funding needs. The SAC will notify functional committees of results, so they can proceed to implement solutions to member-driven priorities.

The SAC also finalized a board manual update detailing the new committee structure, including descriptions, purpose, and scope for both the market forums and functional committees. A motion was unanimously approved to recommend to the ACPA Board of Directors for them to adopt the board manual update. The board will consider the request at the next meeting this Thursday.