Representatives of the Illinois Chapter and ACPA National comprised one of only a few delegations to meet Monday with the Illinois Assembly’s influential Speaker of the House.

Mike Ayers, Illinois Chapter-ACPA Executive Director; Joe Weishaar, Chapter Vice Chairman (Plote Construction); and Jerry Voigt met online Chris Welch, newly-elected Speaker of the Illinois House.

ACPA’s delegation articulated that Illinois has always been an important transportation state, adding that we look forward to working with Speaker Welch and others in Springfield. The overarching goal is to return Illinois to the prominence it once enjoyed as America’s transportation hub.

The delegation offered the speaker and his colleagues ACPA’s local and national resources. The delegation raised awareness of the time it takes the Illinois DOT to get new projects through advance phases, culminating with construction lettings.

This situation is limiting the impact of the capital program dollars that were raised through
“Rebuild Illinois,” a $45 billion capital improvement plan signed into law in 2019.

“Support for the department would be welcome to expedite project delivery,” said Joe Weishaar. “You can count on us to work together to advocate for the capital program and then embrace spirited competition to deliver the very best projects during the construction phase,” Jerry said.

Speaker Welch briefly outlined the whirlwind of activities that led to his appointment and his plans to work with industry to help businesses thrive. Speaker Welch pledged to listen, and even if he does not always agree, to try to find ways to work things out. He also said he endeavors to lower the political discourse and work with people in a bi-partisan manner. In summary, he said, “If we are going to lift up Illinois, we need to do it by investing in our infrastructure. It is crucial that we invest in our infrastructure.”

ACPA’s involvement in the meeting and support of the Illinois Chapter is part of our ConcreteCOMPETES program, implemented in 2018.



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