In a letter sent to House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders yesterday, ACPA and the partners of the North American Concrete Alliance pledged support to the 117th Congress and urged consideration of some key positions on infrastructure investment.

“Every construction project in America requires cement and concrete,” the NACA partners wrote, adding that the “materials are critical to building resilient, durable infrastructure and constructing residential and commercial buildings that will withstand the impacts of climate change and the effects of natural disasters.”

They also emphasized that “a long-term transportation reauthorization bill must provide robust funding to address the investment gap and include a long-term sustainable funding mechanism for the Highway Trust Fund. Funding certainty is critical to states and communities moving forward with transportation projects to address the backlog in construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and maintenance on our roadways and bridges.”

The groups added that great strides have been made in science and by academia to lay the groundwork for advancing the concrete construction sector toward carbon neutrality.

They also urged the leaders to continue increasing investments in carbon capture technologies that were enacted by the 116th Congress. Click here to read the letter.


Follow this link to see ACPA’s government affairs repository.